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Pandemonium — Layer the Third

The Deep Damp Dark

The tunnels of Phlegethon are ice cold and pitch dark, and even the wind has lost some of its ferocity. Once smooth walls, looking like they were bored out by some enormous tunnelling creature, the constant drip of water over the millenia have filled the ceilings with stalactites and the floors with stalagmites. Yes, gravity here is ‘normal’, meaning the mineral-rich waters drip incessantly. The rock here seems to absorb light and heat, making Phlegethon even more forlorn than the higher layers of Pandemonium, if that’s possible. This is the plane of bitter loneliness.

Locations of Phlegethon

  • Castle Caderis (site)
  • Dark’s Embrace (independent burg)
  • Delerium Malevolens (independent burg)
  • Hidden Betrayal (realm of Diirinka)
  • Ibrandyllaran (realm of Ilbrandul)
  • The Maelstrom (realm of Zeboim)
  • River Pyriphlegethon (planar pathway)
  • Unseelie Court (realm of Faerie Queen of Air and Darkness)
  • Windglum (independent burg)

Powers of Pandemonium

  • Diirinka (derro power of magic)
  • Gorrelik (wandering power)
  • Ilbrandul (Faerûnian power of the Underdark)
  • Queen of Air and Darkness (Archfey power of dark magic)
  • Zeboim (Krynnish power of envy)

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt and Alex Roberts

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