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Beastlands — Layer the First

Selera’s Empire

Krigala is the layer of eternal noon. Selera, the sun that looks down upon these lands, never stops shining, and never shifts from her position at the zenith of the sky. The weather here can be baking hot, but frequent storms sweep across the land to keep things from turning to desert. The terrain varies from savannah to woodland to valleys and mountains, rivers, lakes and marshes. The animals who dwell here are those happiest in a diurnal environment: reptiles, insects, many birds and large mammals.

Locations of Krigala

  • Call of the Wild
  • Filchnest (realm of Quorlinn)
  • Forbidden Plateau (realm of Ubtao)
  • Goldenroost (realm of Remnis)
  • Great Falls, The (site)
  • Grove of the Unicorns (realm of Ehlonna and Mielikki)
  • High Glade, the (realm of Shiallia)
  • Ilifar-in-the-Wind (avariel burg)
  • Pridelands (realm of Nobanion)
  • Realm of the Wilds (realm of Tezcatlipoca)
  • River Oceanus (planar pathway)
  • Seelie Court (wandering faerie realm)
  • Selera (the sun)
  • Signpost (Signer burg)
    • Dreamhearth (site)
  • Skerrit’s Glade (realm of Skerrit)
  • Standing Stones (site)
  • Triberove (wemic burg)
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)

Powers of Krigala

  • Ehlonna (Oerdian power of the woodlands)
  • Mielikki (Finnish and Faerûnian power of forests)
  • Nobanion (Faerûnian power of lions)
  • Quorlinn (kenku power of theft)
  • Remnis (power of giant eagles)
  • Shiallia (Faerûnian power of woodlands)
  • Skerrit (centaur power of balance)
  • Stillsong (wandering power of unknown portfolio)

Animal Lords of Krigala

  • Alligator Lord
  • Bee Lord
  • Buffalo Lord
  • Butterfly Lord
  • Dragonfly Lord
  • Duck Lord
  • Goat Lord
  • Giraffe Lord
  • Gopher Lord
  • Eagle Lord
  • Falcon Lord
  • Hawk Lord
  • Horse Lord
  • Lizard Lord
  • Llama Lord
  • Monkey Lord
  • Moose Lord
  • Ostrich Lord
  • Penguin Lord
  • Snake Lord
  • Tortoise Lord

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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