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Beastlands — Layer the Third

Noctos’ Domain

The final layer of the plane is one of eternal night. The moon Noctos hangs in the sky, fat and full, casting a weak silvery light across the land. The moon is a jealous beast though, and does not like competition. Cutters aren’t able to make any kind of natural flame on the layer, and magical light is half as effective. This makes the layer doubly dangerous for a berk without low-light vision, because Karasuthra is the home to creatures of the night. Badgers and bats, hedgehogs and mice, but also far more dangerous creatures like panthers and leopards.

Locations of Karasuthra

  • Black Desert (site)
  • Forgotten Lake (site)
  • Ice Plain, the (realm of Rellavar Danuvien)
  • Labyrinth of Fiery Doom (site)
  • Misty Valley (realm of Kura Okami)
  • Noctos (the moon)
  • Owl Lord’s Soar (realm of the owl lord)
  • Seelie Court (wandering faerie realm)
  • Stormhold (realm of Stronmaus)
  • Wereglade (site)
    • Stone of Lament
    • Stone of Wailing
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)
  • Zhan, The Grand Forest Beyond the World (realm of Chislev, Zivilyn and Habbakuk)

Powers of Karasuthra

  • Chislev (Krynnish power of nature)
  • Habbakuk (Krynnish power of persistence)
  • Kura Okami (Japanese power of rain and snow)
  • Rellavar Danuvien (Seldarine power of protection)
  • Stronmaus (Ordaining power of weather)
  • Zivilyn (krynnish power of wisdom)

Animal Lords of Karasuthra

  • Badger Lord
  • Bat Lord
  • Gecko Lord
  • Hedgehog Lord
  • Leopard Lord
  • Mole Lord
  • Moth Lord
  • Mouse Lord
  • Owl Lord
  • Raccoon Lord
  • Rat Lord
  • Tiger Lord
  • Toad Lord
  • Worm Lord

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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