Lord of the Forest, the Arulent Eye. Planar archon empyreal lord [he/him] / LG.

Portfolio: Night, owls, watchfulness

Tanagaar is the archon empyreal lord of the very essence of watchfulness itself. His talents are put to good use; imagine a figure shrouded in shadows, haunting the Unbent Forest like a silent spectre. Tanagaar’s presence is a mere whisper in the wind and his huge watchful golden eyes stare out across Lunia unblinkingly.

His story is one of patience and vigilance, a guardian who’s as still as the night itself. He is the Lord of the Owl archons, and his parliament of owls have eyes as keen as the stars above. Alongside their lord, they act as guardians of Lunia’s eternal night.

The Unbent Forest

The Unbent Forest is their domain, a place where shadows dance and time seems to stands still. The forest lies upmountain of the Prime Vallation, acting as a third and final line of defence of the higher slopes of Mount Celestia from invaders. Tanagaar and his owl army act as eternal sentries, defending the very heart of Celestia from intruders that survive the Silver Sea and scale the Prime Vallation.

If you’re looking to pass through the Unbent Forest unmolested, you’ll need to make Tanagaar an ally. This is easier said than done, because the blood doesn’t miss a thing. You’ll need to tread carefully and respect his watchful nature. Here’s a few ways you might go about it:

Show Respect for Watchfulness: Tanagaar values watchfulness and patience above all else. If you can demonstrate that you appreciate the importance of vigilance and are willing to be patient in your dealings, he might warm up to the idea of an alliance.

Embrace the Night: The archon lord of night and owls might appreciate those who have a connection to the night and darkness. If you’re skilled in shadowy arts, have a kinship with nocturnal creatures, or simply show an affinity for the quiet and mysterious aspects of the Unbent Forest, it could earn hisrespect.

Honour the Unbent Forest: Showing reverence for this sacred realm could win Tanagaar’s favour. Perhaps you could assist in its preservation, help protect its inhabitants, or offer a gift that holds significance to the forest.

Remember, cutter, earning the respect of Tanagaar will probably take time and patience. Approach him with sincerity and understanding though, and you might just find yourself with a vigilant friend watching over your back on the planes.

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