Katsudarma Library
Katsudarma Library

Katsudarma Library

Katsudarma Library

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Nectar of Life

The Katsudarma Library sites pretty at the heart of Omyriel’s Wisdom Quarter. It’s the treasure trove of all things cerebral in Nectar of Life. It’s a temple of knowledge, and it’s all about preserving, collecting, and guarding the lore of the multiverse. It’s not your average library; it’s more like a sacred repository of divine wisdom.

It’s run by the scribes of Omyriel, but these ain’t your ordinary copyists, though. They’ve got a unique skill – they mimic the handwriting of the Lamplighter himself, which is as good as gold in this celestial realm. They’re serious about their craft, and they’ve got an aggressive streak when it comes to acquiring new works or alternate editions of important volumes. They’ve been known to tangle with anyone who threatens to snatch their precious tomes, and they’re ruthless when bidding for books that their scouts identify in the markets or bookshops of Sigil’s Clerk’s Ward.

But it wouldn’t be a library worth its ink if it didn’t have a few secrets and controversies, right? First off, there’s the rivalry among the book collectors. These folks will go to extremes to outdo each other in acquiring rare texts. Sometimes it gets so heated that it turns into an outright brawl, with books flying like magical missiles.

Then there’s the mystery of that supposed portal to Sigil. Some say there’s a hidden gateway somewhere in the library that leads straight into the heart of the Fated’s domain. Whether it’s true or just a rumour, well, that’s anyone’s guess. And why the Fated? Their winner-takes-all philosophy doesn’t seem to fit well with Brihaspati’s divine wisdom, and it makes a body wonder doesn’t it?

But perhaps the biggest controversy is the whispers about forbidden knowledge locked away in the depths of the library. It’s said that there are texts that delve into dark and forbidden mysteries, to which only the most trusted of scribes are allowed access. Some even claim that there are tomes here that could unravel the very fabric of Lunia, but those are just wild tales, surely?

So, there you have it, the Katsudarma Library – a place where knowledge reigns supreme, and where secrets and controversies are as almost plentiful as dusty scrolls on a forgotten shelf.

Canonical Reference: Places of Law: Mount Celestia [2e] p14-15 (realm description)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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