The Pinnacle of Indigo
The Pinnacle of Indigo

The Pinnacle of Indigo

The Pinnacle of Indigo

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia

Indigo, the flamboyant archmage who struts their stuff in the eponymous Pinnacle of Indigo; now that’s a tale worth spinning. So, let me paint you a picture of this show-stopping mage and their crystalline tower.

The wizard Indigo is a real eye-catcher, no two ways about it. Dressed in robes of shifting purple silk, they’re like a walking kaleidoscope, albeit a monochromatic one. Gold and silver threads twinkle like the night sky as they sashay around. Their eyes, sharp and curious, give off that cosmic spark, like they’ve got the secrets of the multiverse tucked away under all that purple. Speaking of which, Indigo’s nickname ‘the Stutterer’, it’s not for show. See, when it comes to talking to crowds, Indigo’s not the silver-tongued type. They rely on ventriloquism spells to do the talking. A bit unconventional, but hey, it works for Indigo.

The Archmage Indigo

The tower isn’t just fancy architecture; it’s got a story that goes back ages. The Pinnacle of Indigo was carved from a colossal shard of lapis lazuli, a gem that’s rarer than a phoenix feather. The details of its construction are as mysterious as the spells Indigo weaves.

Now, how did this tower end up here in Nectar of Life? Well, it’s said that Indigo stumbled upon this enormous shard on the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Minerals during their early travels across the planes. They were drawn to its otherworldly aura and saw its potential as a vessel for their arcane ambitions. With spells, sweat, and sheer determination, they moved the raw gemstone to just outside the burg of Omyriel, and shaped it into the magnificent tower it is today.

As for its history within the realm, the Pinnacle of Indigo became more than just a tower – it became a symbol of knowledge, power, and celestial loyalty. It’s rumoured that the tower rests atop a portal to Sigil, adding to its mystique. But what really sets it apart is its role as the repository of the Order of Planes-Militant’s most precious treasures, the Seals.

These Seals, whether relics, divine weapons, or some otherworldly artifacts, are closely guarded secrets of the Order. The Pinnacle serves as their sanctuary, and Indigo, as the Keeper of the Seals, takes his role as protector seriously. The tower has seen its share of battles and magical wards to ensure that these treasures remain safe from prying hands. Not least from Inner Planar creatures incensed at the theft of the shard…

So, there you have it – a tower born from a gem of immense rarity, shaped by the dreams of a visionary archmage, and now a bastion of celestial knowledge and power, and a a splash of color in the serene moonlit realm of Nectar of Life.

Canonical Reference: Places of Law: Mount Celestia [2e] p14-15 (realm description)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,


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