The Plaguebearers
The Plaguebearers

The Plaguebearers

The Plaguebearers

Sectol: Verolax the Decayed

Headquarters: The Abyss / Wormblood / Mhallon the Iron Fortress

What do you get if you cross a Doomguard’s apocalyptic thinking with a Dustman’s zest for life and throw in a soupçon of eldritch horror? Give up? Well the joke’s on you because unfortunately the punchline is the Plaguebearers. They’re a group of dangerous bloods in the Abyss who’ve wholeheartedly embraced the idea to hasten the end of all things. They’re like a pack of yeth hounds howling for the apocalypse, and they’ve set up camp in the Iron Fortress like scavengers waiting for a feast. Pull up a chair, berk, ’cause the tale I’ve got for you is a sick and twisted one that I’ve seen with me own peepers, a story that takes you deep into the iron belly of Wormblood, where nightmares aren’t just spun, they’re cultivated with a fevered barmy devotion that’d make a Bleaker choke on his gruel.

First thing you ought to know about this lot is that they’re not just playing around with pandemics for fun. No, no, they’ve got this dark philosophy, you see, that the Multiverse is a festering wound that needs to be put out of its misery, and they’re just the bloods to do it. They’ve got their kip in Mhallon the Iron Fortress, a dark, dank place filled with the stench of rot and despair. It’s there they cook up their vile diseases, concocting the worst kind of suffering you can imagine. You know, real high-up thinkers in the craft of destruction, they are. They fancy themselves artists, painting the town in shades of pestilence and woe.

They’ve got initiation rites that’ll make your skin crawl, and I ain’t just saying that for effect. Imagine willingly becoming a walking vessel for the worst diseases in existence, carrying them in your very veins, ready to unleash hell upon the masses, thinking you’re doing the Multiverse a favour. They recruit like-minded sods – those with a real flair for chaos and despair – the sort of addled barmies who look at the Abyss and see a playground. Mhallon is a real mesh of demented dreams and madness, where you got bloods working with concoctions that could peel the skin off a tanar’ri.

Now, speaking of fiends, the top cheese of this chaos cult is none other than Kyuss, the Worm that Walks, that grand poobah of pestilence himself. The Plaguebearers call him the Parasite Divine, but don’t let that fancy title fool you. He’s a powerhouse of a disease, a real juggernaut of the Abyssal plane. The berk is trapped, sure, but his reach is long and his followers are more than willing to do his dirty work, spreading his vile doctrine one infected body at a time.

And here’s a little inside scoop for you berk, something I heard from a sod who barely made it out of one of their rituals with his life – they’re working on something big, something that’s going to shake the planes to their very foundations. Rumours is hat they’re close, real close, to creating the ultimate plague, a disease so foul and so terrifying it’d make the worst nightmares of the Abyss look like child’s play. This ain’t just your regular sickness, no, we’re talking about a multiverse-ending calamity in the making. I heard it’s got the power to warp reality itself, to tear asunder the very fabric of the planes, melting flesh and soul into a pulsating, chaotic mess of despair and agony. Some say it’s linked to Kyuss’ freedom, a tool to break the barriers holding their disgusting deity captive, unleashing a reign of parasitic horror that’ll consume all things.

The symbol of the Plaguebearer sect

But that’s not all, no siree. This disease, it’s got a mind of its own, or so they say, steering the infected towards the most populated and vibrant places in the multiverse, seeking to turn lush paradises into festering hells and vibrant cities into graves. Think of it, cutter, entire worlds consumed by a tidal wave of rot and disease, a wave of misery rolling across the planes, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.

Of course, it’s all under wraps, a secret guarded tighter than the Lady of Pain’s inner thoughts. The Plaguebearers are playing their cards close to their chests, working in the shadows, their schemes hidden behind a veil of deception and chaos. There might be truth in the rumour or it might just be screed deliberately designed to draw attention away from something darker and more subtle, if you can imagine that.

The Plaguebearers aren’t just some fringe group to be dismissed; they’re a brewing storm of chaos and despair, a relentless tide of destruction hell-bent on seeing the multiverse plunged into never-ending darkness. So, if you’re planning on paying them a visit, make sure you’ve got more than a plague mask to protect you, because where you’re going, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Stay sharp, berk, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,


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