Also known as: The Closers

Sect History and Philosophy: The Symmetrists originally began as a small movement on Carceri several centuries prior to Sigil’s Great Upheaval. The movement felt that each plane must remain independent and separate because of a perceived threat to planar balance. The concept of planar balance was widely debated among sages. Some evidence suggested that many planes shared related and similar life forms, but some also had life forms that were completely unique. However, most graybeards, except for the rilmani, disagreed over the idea that the multiverse was somehow balanced and that each plane was unique. Their view was that any such theory was based on inaccurate observations and flawed reasoning. They believed that each plane was simply an open warehouse, to be exploited at will. However, on Carceri a small, but vocal minority said it was the majority who was mistaken. Just because a planar balance could not be rigorously demonstrated did not mean that it did not exist. It could be in a form unknown, and perhaps unknowable, to planar observers.

Symbol of the Symmertists

These sages, the forerunners of the Symmetrist movement, said that each plane was a link in a chain of life that had evolved according to the rhythms of the multiverse’s natural ebb and flow of matter and energy. To those who accepted the Carcerian’s postulates, planar balance could be perceived as a single creature, indescribably vast. To interfere with this natural state by traveling between the planes through portals and conduits and thus subjecting delicately balanced planes indiscriminately to the shock of foreign plants, animals, disease, and ideals over the course of cycles and even eons, would be a crime of outrageous proportions.

Since the current factions were allowing all efforts to explore the different aspects of the multiverse, the movement on Carceri began appealing directly to the citizens of Sigil and the planes. They called for the City of Doors to be closed. They further argued that the factions must be stewards of planar balance, not exploiters. The citizens of the multiverse had a responsibility to recognise and preserve the symmetry of all planes and all things. The highest ideal of that symmetry stated that the multiverse was no different from a living being. Therefore, the factions must accept the sanctity of the planes themselves.

The Symmetrists pleaded with the factions to amend the laws and begin to close the portals of Sigil and the planes. But, the factions rejected the Symmetrists’ arguments as unfounded, unproven, downright barmy, and perhaps more importantly, as potentially expensive and capable of bringing planar exploration and commerce to a standstill. Only if the concerned sages could return with the knowledge necessary to prove their far-fetched view of the planes, would the factions deign to revisit their proposals. But until then, the multiverse would continue to be regarded as a resource that belonged to everyone.

When the Carcerians who opposed the factions were rebuffed, the Symmetrists movement began. At first, they were an academic group committed to compiling the knowledge necessary to prove their case. Eventually, the Symmetrists became aligned with other dissenter groups and the new sect became a more powerful organisation. Some believed that they were acting in concert with the rilmani. Others began to question the group’s mysterious funding which had allowed them to purchase a large building in the Lady’s Ward, and established their Sigil headquarters, The Unbalanced Temple. However, a connection to the rilmani was never confirmed and evidence never came forward to support this claim. Eventually, the Symmetrists gained enough support to become a minor faction in Sigil, although membership remained limited as the other factions were more popular and had more benefits.

The new faction continued to grow and reached its greatest prominence during the period prior to the Great Upheaval. However, they were unable to move any closer to supporting their claim that the City of Doors should be closed. In fact, the chant at the time suggested that the Lady of Pain was growing tired of the Symmetrists’ insistent desire to close off Sigil. Then during the Upheaval the Symmetrists’ factol, Keras, was mysteriously poisoned and died. The Expansionists were blamed for his death as the two groups had serious philosophical disagreements and conducted heated debates against each other. Soon, several prominent Symmetrists high-ups began rallying support to attack the Growers after Kerasís death. At the largest of these rallies, the Lady appeared, flayed all of the gathered high-ups, and issued a warning through her dabus, “Those who seek balance should weigh their scales.” A few days later, a large number of Symmetrists clerics and sages were found dead, apparently from a mass suicide. The remaining Symmetrists, mostly rank-and-file members, fled Sigil and returned to Carceri.

It was after this return to Carceri that the Symmetrists movement fractured and began to drift into splinter groups. One group continued the original work of the Symmetrists and began petitioning several planar realms to voluntarily close off their portals and conduits. However, the majority of the fractured Symmetrists faction developed into an extremist sect, which sought to isolate the planes by conducting acts of terrorism. Once this violent group began operating it was attacked, quite ruthlessly, by the Harmonium who saw the new Symmetrists as a threat to their plans of spreading Harmonious order across the planes. After several large public executions, the remaining Symmetrists disappeared from sight. Even their headquarters on Carceri, the Palace of Closed Freedom was abandoned. None were seen or heard from for several centuries.

Approximately ten cycles ago, small groups began appearing in the Outlands claiming they belonged to the Symmetrists. Unconfirmed reports indicated that these groups said they had returned to finish the work of their brethren. However, none of these groups entered Sigil.

These new Symmetrists soon disappeared from sight once word spread of their return. It was not clear if the groups had originated from or returned to Carceri, as the Palace of Closed Freedom had remained empty. In recent cycles, there have been numerous bombings in Sigil and across the Outlands near prominent portals and conduits. It is believed that the new Symmetrists, also called the Closers, have aligned themselves with radical fringes of the Revolutionary League, such as the Society of Closed Doors, and are attempting to close portals and conduits throughout the planes.

Primary Plane of Influence: The Symmetrists formerly had their headquarters, the Palace of Closed Freedom, on Carceri. The current status of this site is unknown. In Sigil, the Symmetrists ran The Unbalanced Temple. Their Sigil headquarters, however, was long ago destroyed and used for bricks for new construction by the Fated. They have no influence in Sigil today.

Allies and Enemies: Many Revolutionary League cells agree with the idea that the multiverse has been damaged and that the current order must be reformed. The Harmonium reject the Symmetrists’ philosophy wholesale. The Society of Sensation opposes the theories of the Symmetrists because they would limit the experiences of the planes.

Eligibility: The Symmetrists are open to all races and classes that disagree with the current order and agree that portals and conduits are causing harm.

Benefits: The Symmetrists are highly focused on learning arcane magic and to using that magic to close portals and conduits. As a result, they all receive a +5% bonus per level on all attempts to learn arcane scrolls and spells.

Restrictions: The Symmetrists are extremely stubborn and refuse to use any portals or conduits unless absolutely necessary to accomplish their goals. Because of this, they have difficulty in locating portals when they are need and suffer a -2 penalty to all proficiency checks made to find portals. Furthermore, Symmetrists should not expect a warm welcome in Sigil. If the Closers make their appearance known, they can expect a -2 to all reaction rolls while in Sigil, as Cagers don’t want to invite the Lady’s wrath.

Canonwatch: This sect is a homebrew addition to the lore.

Source: Scott Perry

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