The Planarium
The Planarium

The Planarium

Rube Street, Clerks’ Ward

Teusic Rowe’s Planarium is a marvel indeed. A fantastic building flanked with marble pillars sitting atop the building is a marvellous dome that maps out a random world. Those who view this giant half globe notice that not only is the world different from day to day but you can actually see the weather change across its surface. The inside of the building is an amphitheatre below the dome with the seats tipped back to watch the dome’s darkened inside surface. A magical device is centred at the heart of the building, it’s able to project an actual (yet very distant) image of any plane, demiplane, or prime world on the inside of the dome.

The Owner: Teusic Rowe was a former Guvner who quit before the last shake-up. He was interested with mapping planar realms and layers more than knowing the laws behind them. In this spirit he built the Planarium, the ultimate window onto the planes.

The Device: The large wooden “altar like” device with glowing lights, lenses, and levers is Teusic’s personal invention. The device is bigger than it looks, stretching down into the basement. Down there it has two sounding probes (enchanted crystals) dipped into the permanent ends of two shifting portals. One is located in the mouth of a barrel, the other in an old windowpane removed from a building.

The Dark:The Planarium is more than a window onto the planes—you see, old Teusic found a way to predict and manipulate shifting portals. Each world projected on the outside and plane projected on the inside is a result of his device picturing the actual worlds themselves. Why two images? Well the first attempt (the outer dome) came from his attempt to project images to the stable end of a shifting portal, whilst the inner images came from more advanced magical knowledge that allowed him to control another shifting portal’s location. So far this effect has only worked on the second of his two portals and hasn’t been able to be applied to any others.

Problems: More and more fiends have been frequenting the Planarium lately. It appears chant has been spread that it can be used to view large scale troop formations and movement in the Blood War. Chant goes that some fiends are planning to gather here, break into the lower stories, and shift the balance of the Blood War.

Source: Joshua Jarvis

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