The Mists of Sin
The Mists of Sin

The Mists of Sin

The Mists of Sin

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia

Cutter, let’s delve deep into the strange philosophical weather phenomenon known as the Mists of Sin. This is a weird tale worth savouring, my friend.

So, imagine the pristine slopes of Mount Celestia, where goodness and purity are held above all else. But even in this paradisiacal realm, sins can’t help but rear their ugly heads. These immoral acts, considered transgressions against divine law, gather like dark clouds above Lunia – especially over burgs like Heaven’s Shore where the populace is more, shall we say, diverse—casting shadows on the plane’s perfection.

But here’s where the celestial forces come into play. When these so-called Mists of Sin begin to form, it’s like a celestial alarm bell ringing across the heavens. Trumpet archons, those noble heralds of righteousness, step forth with their resounding calls. Their notes pierce the celestial silence, summoning the troops to duty.

Now, not everyone is always locked in battle on Mount Celestia. Some may be meditating, while others tend to their holy duties. But when the trumpet archons sound the call, there’s no hesitation. Those who aren’t already engaged in battle are drafted into service, marching towards Lunia with unwavering purpose.

As the archons blow their celestial trumpets and the troops take their positions, a celestial wind stirs, caused by the flapping of angelic wings, the breath of heavenly song, and the clarion calls of the trumpet dirges themselves. It’s like the breath of the divine itself and you’d better believe it’s a feast for the eyes, ears and soul. This wind sweeps through the Mists of Sin, dispersing them over the Silver Sea like ashes scattered by a gentle breeze. Picture it, cutter—a scene of righteous purification, where the forces of goodness unite against the taint of wrongdoings. It’s an infrequent event that is on the bucket list of many a Sensate to experience; when the word gets out that the mists are gathering over Lunia, there’s always an influx of Sensates to the port towns.

So, you see, the Mists of Sin, though they may gather, are no match for the determination and unity of the celestial defenders. As long as the trumpet archons sound their calls and the troops stand ready to serve, the slopes of Lunia remain a bastion of purity, a beacon of light against the encroaching darkness that seeks to tarnish its celestial shores. It’s a reminder that even in the most divine of places, the battle against sin never truly ends.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

The Celestial Host responding to the call to disperse the Mists of Sin.

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