The Celestial Host
The Celestial Host

The Celestial Host

The Celestial Host

So cutter, now you’re asking about the real power behind of Lunia, the celestial force that keeps the kip safe and sound from all those accursed fiends looking to stir the pot. The Celestial Host is a formidable battalion of archons of the Congregation of Crusade, brimming with righteous might, ready to guard Lunia from any intrusion with a divine fervour.

At the helm of this force is Ragathiel, a leader whose reputation precedes him. He’s an entity of fierce devotion and an iron will that reverberates through the halls of his grand fortress. He ain’t no desk-general, content to sit and call the shots from a distance, no, cutter. This basher takes to the frontlines with a fire in his belly, fighting with a passion that burns bright, reflected in the flames that adorn his wings.

Now, Ragathiel’s stronghold, it ain’t just a fortress; it’s the beating heart of the celestial war machine, a hub of strategy and determination where every move is calculated and planned. The palace buzzes with activity, archons rushing here and there, their faces a picture of dedication as they work tirelessly to ensure the safety of the Lunia realms.

But let me tell you, the front lines are where you’ll really see Ragathiel in his element, with a fire in his eyes and a sword in his hand, leading the charge. When angered, the Celestial Host is wave of heavenly justice that crashes against the forces of evil with a strength that’s simply awe-inspiring. 

When he’s not out there giving the fiends a taste of celestial steel, Ragathiel is hunkered down in his command post, mind as sharp as his blade, planning incursions into the Lower Planes to bring the fight to the fiends’ doorstep. It’s a constant game of cat and mouse, with Ragathiel always trying to showing the Lower Planes that Celestia ain’t a place to trifle with, a land defended by a leader and an army with a spirit unyielding, a force united in their determination to guard the sacred realms.

Well… perhaps I speak too soon when I use the word ‘united’. You see, amidst the clang of steel and the murmurings of the divine bureaucracy, there’s a rumour swirling that sends shivers down the my spine. They say, hidden in the luminescent ranks of the celestial host, there are yugoloth spies weaving a web of deceit so intricate it could make a solar lose faith.

Now imagine, just for a tick, the absolute chaos buzzing in the high halls of power, the under-the-breath mutterings, the side-eye glances thrown between the archons, everyone doubting everyone, a pot of paranoia brought to a boil. Sounds like a bit of a mess, cutter, and it’s got the celestial host looking over their shoulders more than ever before.

And then there’s Ragathiel, oh he’s been seen pacing the gilded floors of his fortress, feathers ruffled, his divine nostrils flaring. You think the blood would be on top of it, with his fiery persona and all, but insiders say he’s in a right tizzy, the flames on his wings flickering with vexation. It’s not just a matter of celestial security; it’s a personal affront, a stain on the pristine image of his Celestial Host.

But wait cutter, you think, could this be a yugoloth double bluff? How much fun would those sneakiest of fiends be having if the rumours of spies were just that; rumours? Well the thing is… Ragathiel caught one. An ultroloth, polymorphed all the way into next week, bedecked with more divination-defying magic than you could throw a disenchanter at. Apparently this basher ‘helped with enquiries’ and this revealed that he was not an isolated spy.

But here’s where it gets real interesting, cutter. ‘Cause in the middle of this celestial hullabaloo, if there’s ‘loth involved then it’s surely a far more convoluted plot, a tangled web that goes deeper than anyone has yet fathomed. There could be layers upon layers to this, with every discovery leading to more questions, more doubts. The implications are far-reaching, cutter. If there’s spies in their midst, it ain’t just a chink in the celestial armour; it’s a gaping hole that throws off every recent secret plan, sowing seeds of mistrust in a place where unity should be the rock-solid foundation. It’s the kind of twist that could turn archon against archon, and bring the celestial hierarchy to a halt in a pile of suspicion and doubt.

So, as the archon inquisitors scurry about, unraveling a mystery that seems to have no end, one can’t help but cast a cynical eye on the whole affair. It’s a bit of a tragic comedy, the kind of tale that’s both serious and slightly ridiculous, where truth and lies intertwine in a dance that threatens the very fabric of the celestial host.

In other words, just what the yugoloths would have ordered.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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  1. Terral

    Of course.. the spy thing might still just be a yugoloth ploy and the rumours are in fact still just rumours.

    After all, if you WANT Ragathiel and his lot to be chasing after shadows and rumours left and right, how do you do it? Why, you provide him with evidence that he is right to be paranoid and giving the side-eye to his allies. ‘Loths are loyal to their cause, after all, meaning if it comes down to just one of them sacrificing themselves in order to pollute an entire celestial host and drag them into the muck, all the while pointing at each other and destroying themselves? I think you’d be hard pressed to find a ‘loth that wouldn’t find such a thing hilarious and well worth taking one for team Evil.

    So, for the price of one Yugoloth pretending to be a spy, you manage to throw into disarray an entire well-oiled war machine and potentially even corrupt several celestials in the process. You tell me what’s more likely when it comes to the ‘Loths?

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