White Cliffs of Lunia
White Cliffs of Lunia

White Cliffs of Lunia

The White Cliffs of Lunia

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

The White Cliffs rise like mighty sentinels along the shores of Lunia, their pure white marble gleaming against the inky dark backdrop of the perpetual night sky. These steep cliffs, are more than just a picturesque sight – they’re the formidable guardians that hold back both the cleansing waves of the Silver Sea and present a challenge to all who seek to make landfall on the shores of Lunia. Their steep faces, imposing heights and hidden reefs make it difficult for vessels to approach, especially those not guided by celestial forces or knowledge of harbours. Cutters who try to brave the waves and reach the shores might find themselves facing the daunting task of scaling these marble behemoths or navigating treacherous, rocky terrain.

But don’t think these cliffs are all danger and difficulty. They’re also a home to many different kinds of celestial creatures that thrive in the rugged environment, like:

Celestial Birds: Glorious birds with luminous plumage soar through the skies and nest on the crags. Their songs echo with harmonies that resonate with the cliffs, and their feathers shimmer like stars.

Luminous Insects: Insects with radiant wings and bodies adorned with bioluminescent patterns flutter and crawl amidst the cliffs. They create a mesmerizing display of light as day turns to night, their glow casting ethereal patterns on the marble surface.

Aerial Spirits: Ethereal beings, part spirit and part creature, drift along the currents of air near the cliffs. They’re drawn to the celestial energies of Lunia, and their translucent forms give them an almost otherworldly appearance.

Crystalline Crabs: These unique crustaceans scuttle across the rocky terrain, their shells adorned with intricate patterns that mirror the marble cliffs. Their pincers emit a soft, soothing glow as they navigate their habitat.

Starlight Snakes: These serpents are known for their beautiful, starlit scales that emit a gentle glow. Their graceful movements and affinity for celestial energies would make them at home on the cliffs, weaving through the rocky terrain with ease.

The native wildlife serves as a further natural defense for the celestial realm, a testament to the deliberate isolation that safeguards the planes’ purity. And while landing on the shores might be challenging, the established harbours that dot the coastline offer havens of respite and a chance to experience the beauty and hospitality of Lunia.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

The White Cliffs of Lunia

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