Ember Weaver
Ember Weaver

Ember Weaver

Psychopomp, Ember Weaver

Habitat: Prime graveyards, leylines, entry points to the River of Souls

Alignment: Neutral

Challenge Rating: 7 [5e]; 8 [PF1e]

In the sombre parts of the Prime where the realms of the living and the dead intertwine like the threads of a mad weaver’s loom, there flits a creature both enigmatic and ethereal —the ember weaver. A slender, luminous figure, shrouded in layers upon layers of gossamer shawls and veils, its true form is elusive.

Ember weavers are like lighthouses for lost souls, guiding the departed towards the eternal embrace of the afterlife. They’re most often found patrolling graveyards, ley lines, and other such places where the veil ‘twixt the living and the dead is thin.

But don’t be thinking they’re just wayfinders. No, these beings perform a service, a trade of sorts—guiding the dead in exchange for whispers and tales of those souls that might have slipped through the cracks, and gotten lost to the Great Beyond.

When it comes to the dirty work, the ember weavers ain’t shirkers. They lead the hunt, guiding the likes of ahmuuth and esobok in pursuit of spirits that have been tainted by the curse of undeath. They’re the ones who accompany the nosoi and catrina, seeking out those confused or rebellious spirits who ain’t quite ready to accept their fate.

And here’s the dark of it: an ember weaver ain’t just a guide. It can summon a veritable storm of souls, a spectral stampede to trample its foes underfoot. And that ain’t all. It can enshroud itself in an aura of cinders, a ghostly light show that strips away immunity to fear or charm. It’s a sight to behold, like watching the dance of the flames in the Plane of Fire, both mesmerising and terrifying.

The ember weaver reminds us of the inexorable pull of fate, while being the guiding light in the dark for those souls lost in the twilight between worlds. They’re the unsung shepherds of the afterlife, their ethereal beauty a stark contrast to the grim duty they uphold.

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Sources and Stats:

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