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The Sects

Sick of the Factions?

Want to expand your philosophical horizons outside of the Cage?
Take a jaunt to the Great Ring and learn how cutters Out-Of-Town think...
Let's talk about Sects...

Clueless? Start Here!
What are Sects?
What's the difference
between a sect and a faction?

Want to Know More?
In Brief
Fancy some Quickie Sects?

Sectual Humour
Just don't take it too seriously...

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The Sects Explored

Extra Anarchs are masters of of Limbo's raw matter,
But haven't yet mastered the Scramblespeak patter.

Dark Archonites worship, strange as it sounds,
Lanterns and trumpets and wardens and hounds.

Extra Bleeders're martyrs, that's how they're restricted;
Their injuries usually all self-inflicted.

Chant Carpet Knightsh are fond of wine, women and shong
And *hic* partying all night *hic* parrrrtying all nigh' long!

Extra Chippers are hardened, with hatred to spare
Just 'cause the multiverse didn't treat 'em fair.

Extra Communal cutters tried something too daring
When they cried that the Lady ought to be sharing.

Converts skip quickly from creed to creed,
Guess that's 'cos they'll swallow any old screed.

Chant Eaters are worse than your usual thief,
They ain't after jink, but they'll steal your belief!

Chant Expansionists tried to take on the Cage
And deservedly suffered the Serene Lady's rage.

Extra Guardians step in when there's wrongs that need righting,
Battling evil, and going down fighting.

Illuminated tried to provoke faction war
From a secret base in darkest Plague-Mort.

Incantifiers guzzle arcane forces -
Rods, staves and wands are their three main courses.

Extra The Legislate run a tight old ship,
You'll follow their laws or else they'll flip.

Dark Mathematicians live by the abacus
And cosmological calculus.

Extra Merkhants strive for cold hard jink
They've no real interest in how you think.

Opposers will argue, and get in the way,
And contradict loudly whatever you say.

Planarists want Primes out the City of Doors
"Send 'em all back" is their charter's main clause

new! Extra Planes-Militant live for sweetness and light -
No wonder tanar'ri kill 'em on sight!

Chant Plane Tenders're friends to all who'd promise
To help them stop planes slide into the Abyss.

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Primals are coy about what they believe,
But it's likely they've got some weird tricks up their sleeve.

Extra Prolongers exist at others' expense,
With Death at their backs, they're wise to be tense.

Ragers are always the first rushing into the fray,
Take my advice and stay out of their way!

Chant Revivalists seek to turn the clock back,
Returning the planes to a glorious track.

Ring-Givers' creed follows a karmic track,
Give just a little, and more'll come back.

Chant Shadows are masters of intrigue and stealth,
You can bet that their plans'll be bad for your health!

Chant Symmetrists managed to cause an outrage,
By announcing they wanted to shut down the Cage!

Vile Hunters will try, however they can,
To destroy any beast that talks like a man.

Extra Wylders love nature, but of this fact take note:
They cherish both lamb and the wolf at its throat

Dark Xaoticians look for order in chaos
But it doesn't always herring gnirreh wobble wobble

Chant: The Basics
Extra: Going Further
Dark: Digging Deeper

Get the Sects mimir.netbook here!

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Copyright 1999
"Thirty One Tenets" poem by Phil Smith and Jon Winter
Graphics by Jeremiah Golden and Jon Winter
Sect entries edited by Greg Jensen and Jon Winter

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