Also known as: The Worthy

A Sect Most Holy and Pious

The Archonites are a pseudo-religious sect active in the lawful and good gate-towns, and on Mount Celestia. They are closely affiliated with the Order of Planes-Militant.

Symbol of the Archonites

The fundamental belief of the Archonites is that the holiest, best and worthiest beings in the multiverse are archons, and that aasimon aren’t half bad either. They worship the Crown Archons particularly, and believe that their priests gain their spells from them.

They also espouse a widespread belief in the orderliness of the multiverse, and apocalyptic writings are very popular amongst the Archonites.

The Archonites are most prominent in Mount Celestia, but their largest centre of worship is the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Immortal Archons, Excelsior, which actually lies some two miles from the gate-town and incorporates a monastery.

The Sectol: The head of the Archonite sect is the Supreme Pontiff Angelusmisit XXXIV. He is a close friend and ally of Prefect Increase of the Planes-Militant. The Archonites, the Order of the Planes-Militant and the Orders Ecclesiastic of the Harmonium are together known as the Ecumenical Celestites.

Supreme Pontiff Angelusmisit XXXIV

Primary Plane of Influence: Mount Celestia

Allies: Order of the Planes-Militant, Harmonium, Guardians, some Godsmen.

Enemies: Mercykillers (too intolerant), Dustmen, Sensates (both heretical), Anarchists.

Eligibility: Anyone wishing to be an Archonite must be either Lawful or Good, or both. Evil members are rare at best. Priests of specific deities without realms in Mt. Celestia can only be admitted under special conditions.

Benefits: Archonites automatically get friendly reactions from archons and non-chaotic aasimon if they announce their affiliation. [Rare individual circumstances may modify this… DM’s call]. Additionally, all Archonites comprehend at least one path of Mount Celestia, and therefore don’t have to go through the initial period of penitence when attempting to ascend.

Restrictions: Archonites must always behave deferentially and obediently towards Archons. In times of danger, whole congregations take up arms and fight for the archon cause. Additionally, the Archonites observe taboos against certain things: An Archonite may never eat insects or shellfish, enter a temple of an evil faith without first receiving special blessing, or profane the names of celestials and the Upper Planes of Law.

Note: Orders Ecclesiastic of the Harmonium — A monastic group within the Harmonium dedicated to the promotion of religion of law and goodness. They are minor, and have had little success in rooting out evildoers from the faction, but keep trying.

The Apocalypse of Sarech

Being an Archonite Scripture, Reproduced with Precepts for the Wise

[Author’s Note: The word ‘Apocalypse’ does not mean catastrophe, as is often thought. It actually derives from the Greek word Apokalupsis, meaning Revelation. This work contains details that might be considered spoilers for Dead Gods, so beware]

Here is a popular Archonite apocalypse, in part, as read in Archonite churches…

1: THIS IS A TRUE account of the revelation given to Sarech the Archonite by the Holy Archon Gambiel <possible inaccuracy here in the text> during the rule of Soretti the Lawgiver, the Arachnarch, and the Matriarchy of Mehitabel. I was taken up, as in a dream, into the Heavens, and the Archon who was with me spake, saying, ‘This which thou seest is the inheritance of the faithful, for all eternity. All that is beneath shall pass away, but the Mountain shall endure.’ I said to him, ‘When shall those things pass away, Lord?’. And he spake, and said, ‘Call me not Lord, for I am not thy Lord. Thou wishest to see what shall come to pass, and what shall not endure. If I am to show those things unto thee, thou shouldst first agree to write what thou seest, and to send it unto thy faithful. The revelation of Wisdom is a boon for all peoples. See to it that thou record diligently all that shall be presented.’

2: AND I REPLIED, saying unto him that was with me, ‘I shall even do so.’ And the Archon took me, and it was as the Mists of Sin of the Holy Mountain were rolled away, and I saw all the Worlds, and the Cities of the Worlds, and all their Peoples. The Dark Ones were waging their war, eternally and for ever, as it seemed. And I said unto him that was nigh, ‘Surely the War of Blood shall never end; for its like have we not seen, neither has it ever abated. Mightily do the fiends rage together, and it is said they have done so ere the dawn of years.’ And he said unto me, ‘In very truth I tell thee, all this shall cease, but not in their peace. All those realms wherein is War shall destroy themselves by their iniquity, and by their forwardness shall they be confounded.’

3: AND I SAID ‘And Sigil? What of the Lady’s City? Shall that also pass away?’. And he that was with me spake even unto me, saying, ‘Such things are not given unto mortals to learn, neither are they revealed. But know that all that is worthy shall be gathered unto the Mount, even from the ends of the Land. And behold, I will show you a little of what is to come, even as the City of the Lady is to be encompassed.’ And then I saw a city, vast unto all extents, and within were multitudes of people of all kinds. And behold a man, like in size unto a giant, and the height of him was three thousand ells. He was habited as a knight that weareth green, and on his head was a mitre, cloven in three. Upon his back was a cloak, as of emeralds and woven jade, and the hem of it was as platinum. And upon his cloak were written the words AMBITION, FATHER OF HUBRIS, BEGETTER OF ALL FOLLY. And I said unto him that revealed all this, saying, ‘Who is this?’ And the Archon spake, saying ‘This is one that is to come. His power will be great, but his wants shall outreach him. Look, and see.’

4: AND I TURNED again unto that city, and behold the man like a giant was striding, as though it were that he was pursued. He bore in his hand an ash tree, and at his side was a woman, slender like steel wire, and she carried a sword. And I said to the Archon, ‘Who is this that is with him?’ And he answered me, and said ‘This is Cruelty, the mistress of unrighteousness. Beware, for she may speak as one who knows love, and loves the law, but her thoughts are all hatred and betrayal.’ And as I looked, behold a third, as it were nine times as large as the others. And as I looked upward, I saw blades as of steel, and a face like flint, and could look no more. And the blades of the third struck the two that went before, and they were slain, and fell full upon the city. And two thirds of the city were destroyed, and their streets turned to desolation. But the third that remained stood proud. The Archon said to me, ‘This is the way it shall be. That which is not destroyed is ours, and the righteous shall survive. He that would leap high shall fall, and the fence shall divide him. And here is knowledge. The number of the man is thrice ten, and thrice three. And the interpretation of this thing shall be the inheritance of the wise, that they should know when the time approaches.’

5: AND BEHOLD, even as the Archon spake, the scene was changed, and I beheld the Abyss, and it was terrible. There was neither firmament overhead, nor ground beneath, neither was there breath. I asked the Archon, ‘What awful place is this, and why hast thou shown me this?’ And the Archon responded to my question, saying ‘Come, and see.’ And behold a one like unto a lich, unto a body of a dead man that walked, and he wore black. He bore aloft a severed head like unto that of a man, and I looked, and lo! the head was of purest mithral, and it bled not. And him that bore it smiled, and his face faded away, and there was darkness within the cowl. The Archon said, ‘This is one that is dead, and walks, and he has control over death, the power to kill, and to bring out the dead. He has lain undisturbed for many years, and shall do again. But for a short time the worlds will be given unto him, and his arm shall stretch forth and block out the Sun. Be not afraid, for the time of darkness shall be short. Look, and see what happens. The Last Word and truest blasphemy are to come upon the innocent.’

6: AND I TURNED again, and looked, and behold there was in that terrible place a bright light, as of a burning star. And the one who wore black was changed again, and now he wore a crown of black metal, and bore upon the left a rod of ebony, and on the right a head, as of a foul being, as of an illithid. And the light drew nigh unto him that wore black, and they fought. And both fell into the Abyss, and the light was dimmed, but it was not extinguished. And there was a sound, like unto the marching of many metal feet. And behold! the powers of creation wept, weeping as it were for a beloved child slain. The Archon spake saying ‘Their sorrow is come upon them, and they have no hope. But harken unto the words of Wisdom, she that saith, I am the rebirth of hope, and the restoration of trust. Not for ever shall the gods weep, neither shall they always make war. For unto those who love truth shall be as a crown of silver, that never tarnishes.’

7: THE ARCHON SAID, ‘Turn upward thine eyes and see: for behold I am giving unto thee a sign, that the interpretation may be thine and knowledge may attend those to whom thou sendest these things.’ I looked, and there was a firmament, which was not so before. And in that sky were set as a myriad of bright stars, each one shining clearly. But one of the number strayed, and fell to the ground, and behold it struck upon Midgard, upon the land that is called the Outlands. And the River Ma’at was dried up, and a third of the Sea of Lir was turned to bile. And the name of the star is Gall. The Archon spake, saying, ‘Behold the truth of him that is seventh. He was false, and is false, and he shall not endure. He is become as a slug of the ground, and like a slug shall he be crushed.’ And lo! the slug that had been the star removed itself unto a pit, wherein were all the ruinations of the cities of evil of all the worlds. But even there he could not hide, although he might flee. The Archon said ‘The word of truth is like salt in the maw of the slug: It shall destroy him.’

8: AND I SPAKE to the Archon, saying ‘Thou hast revealed to me many wonders. But tell me this, that I may reveal it to the peoples: What is the name of him that rules the Ninth Torment of Baator?’ And the Archon looked wroth, and spake fiercely, saying ‘That which you ask is blasphemy, and it may not be revealed. Be thou contented with this: That by fine blades, and by the pyre of a kraken, ye shall save yourselves from him.’ I knelt, and said, ‘Forgive me, teacher. I knew not what I asked.’ And he said ‘Do not worry. For all flesh is subject to such desires, and even the holy archons also. Beware that thou pry not into the darkest, but be always alert. For one, and more than one, that was wise and was holy did even so, and fell. That hast thou seen.’ And I nodded, and I wept, and could not speak, so great was my sorrow at this betrayal of which he spoke.

9: “THEN HE SAID ‘Behold wisdom. It is given to holy Azrael to know the time of all things, even as he must so know. And so it is that knowledge is given unto him of the time of passing of every thing, every person, spirit and god. And he is silent, and reveals it not. Wise and happy is he who knows the time for revelation. Here is the greatest revelation of all. Witness to the coming of Holy Wisdom.’ And I saw Yetsirah, the City of Heaven, encompassing the whole Mount. What was Heart’s Faith was the harbour of the City, and the ziggurats, the temples and the cathedrals of the City extended upward to the sky. And I saw the twenty-four elders who stand in that city, and I heard their voices crying one to another, ‘Now are the years of creation accomplished. The dusk of time is at hand, and no more years shall roll.’

Canonwatch: The Archonites are a homebrew sect.

Source: Alex Roberts

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