The Legislate

Also known as: The Ruled, Fickle Judges

No one is above the law and no one is beneath it

See also: Mechanus / Right to Rule

Symbol of the Legislate

Sect Philosophy: People make laws, and we are people. Ergo: We make laws. Belief is power, and no law is truly fixed, even the ridiculous Great Axioms of the Guvners. If enough people believe it, the law changes.

We are law-makers. We respect the law as a general concept, if it’s just, but unjust laws are simply to be thought out of existence. We control the multiverse, we conscious beings. It is the purpose of the Legislate to be the driving force in the establishment of laws that span all societies. If those laws become corrupt, they can eliminated with a thought. Thus do we offer power, for good or ill.

Yes, both. He who makes the laws can make himself immune to the laws. Why find a loophole when you can annul a law completely? The greatest power is not knowing how to get around the rules, but to get rid of them! Thus a body could do the greatest good to other beings, granting them with boons. A body could perform the vilest of evils, but the good will always cancel them out, so that’s not a risk.

We already can affect laws, make laws, and interpret laws. Join us, make yourself powerful, and make us powerful. United, we will bring all law to its knees and remake it in a just frame!

Oh, yes there is a price. Your superiors know more than you, right? And they speak for more people. Thus, they are better examples of law than you are. So you have to do what they say. But not to worry! Our laws, set down by the Lawmaker himself, forbids the abuse of power in this way.

Relax. Soon you’ll be sculpting the laws like clay.

Primary Plane of Influence: Mechanus—here are the laws which are the most obvious (at least to the natives), the thus best place to study and experiment. Not to mention the Sect’s hometown is Right To Rule, planted squarely in the cogs of the Clockwork Universe.

Allies and Enemies: The Mind’s Eye see eye to eye with the Legislate, Both agree that that the universe is a realm of the mind, and that is can be shaped. The difference, of course, is that the Mind’s Eye believe it all comes from within each person, while the Legislate believe it comes from the collective of humanity. The Order of Planes-Militant and the Guardians agree in reshaping the multiverse in a better image. Recently, the Fated, who share the belief that the strong make the multiverse work the way they want, have thrown their lot in with the Legislate. It is said that, as an act of goodwill, a number of Legislate record-keepers work in the Hall of Records.

Sigil’s lawful triad (the Harmonium, the Mercykillers, and the Guvners) perhaps surprisingly all find themselves against the Legislate. The Triad of Law doesn’t appreciate the concept that law is mutable and should be changed with time. The Mercykillers and Guvners are particularly firm on this point. The Harmonium more are worried by the Order of Planes-Militant and the Fated allying themselves with the Legislate. The Hands of Havoc, who see law as something to be destroyed and not changed, the Free League, who disapprove of any kind of high-ups, are all opposed to the Legislate. The Bleak Cabal, who opposes any kind of meaning, invented or not, is false, does not trust the Legislate either.

Eligibility: All races and classes are allowed (after alignment considerations), but a Legislate cannot be chaotic. A basic requirement is a belief in the existence of law and its importance. Further, a Wisdom of 10 is considered the minimum required, to understand the implications of law.

Benefits: Benefits, as with the factions, range over rank. Namers get a +1 to all die rolls directly connected with the orders of a superior. Factotums can use know customs [Tome of Magic] once per day, able to intuit the laws of any area instantly. At factor level, a Legislate can actually alter natural laws once per day. [Ability to adjust any one die roll by as much as +3 to -3. Only a single roll can be adjusted this way. Examples include (but are not limited to) in a single reaction check, a single attack, saving throw, or a proficiency check.]

The sectol (who has always been the Lawmaker of Right to Rule) can, once per hour, create or negate any one law for a round. This incredibly powerful will-based power requires a full-round of concentration, and can have to permanent effects. Examples include: Willing that a damaged bridge is strong enough to allow a person to cross; willing any person invulnerable to physical damage for that round; willing into existence an object of any kind for a round. The laws of the multiverse can only be changed within a mile of the sectol, and they must have line of sight. This power makes the sectol remarkably powerful, and no Legislate sectol has ever been assassinated (not for lack of trying). In addition to the above powers, all Legislates can give orders to Legislates of lower rank, when they have the permission of those of a high rank. For this purpose, the Lawmaker’s house counts as sectol, granting sectors permission to use sect members for various projects.

Restrictions: A Legislate of lower rank must follow the orders of a Legislate of higher rank. By an innate power possessed by all sect members those ordered always know if their superior has the authority to issue those orders. Sect membership takes precedence over other activities. Further, to rise in rank, sect members must return to Right To Rule and register, a process that takes over a month.

Canonwatch: This is a homebrew sect that is not in the Planescape canon.

Source: Belarius

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