Knights Hospitaller
Knights Hospitaller

Knights Hospitaller

Knights Hospitaller

The Hospitable

Headquarters: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Light’s Hold

Leader: Brother Eldove (planar human former paladin, now priest of Ilmater [he/him] / sectol of the Knights Hospitaller / LG)

The Knights Hospitaller these ain’t your average do-gooders handing out alms and preachin’ about this power or that, no cutter. This is a real organised bunch, with a network that stretches across the planes, always on the lookout for the next place where they can stick their righteous noses in. Bless ’em for their charity work, but it ain’t all golden halos and saintly smiles, take it from me.

You see, cutter, their philosophy’s a potentially bit of a two-edged sword, swinging both ways, if you get my drift. On one hand, they’re all about bolstering religious devotion, really hammering down on the credos and such, making sure every berk knows their chants by heart. But peel back that self-righteous layer, and you’ll find a more humble, caring side, with the lot dedicating time and jink to aid the poor sods across different planes. It’s about compassion, sure, but with a good dose of religious zeal throwing fuel on the fire, keeping their fervour burning bright.

Now, leading this band of noble bashers is a cutter called Brother Eldove (formerly Sir Eldove the Vigilant), a bloke who’s as sturdy as Mount Celestia itself. A former paladin, Eldove eschewed his order to return to a simpler, more fulfiulling life. Under his watchful eye, the Hospitaller lot maintain an operation smoother than a well-oiled gate archon. Brother Eldove’s got this piercing gaze, the kind that sees right through a cutter, figuring out if there’s truth to their words or if they’re just blowing smoke. But don’t be fooled; the chap’s got a heart as big as the planes themselves, always reaching into the darkest corners, finding those in need and bringing a bit of light to their lives.

Brother Eldove giving food to an urchin

Their operations? Oh, it’s a grand design, a real organised effort that covers more ground than you’d think possible. See, they got this network of portals, right? Some of these are in their headquarters, Light’s Hold, but more are in the nearby island burg of Hearthtown. They’re doorways to the so-called “Places of Need,” where poverty bites hard and mercy’s a rare commodity. They walk through with open hands and hearts, distributing what they can to ease the burden on the downtrodden, giving them a bit of hope, a touch of the divine generosity of Celestia. It’s a right noble endeavour, with knights in shining armour bringing a touch of grace to the less fortunate, carrying out deeds of kindness with a dedication that would make even the grumpiest archon nod in approval.

But it ain’t just about giving out bread and water, nah, it’s more profound than that. They aim to fortify the spirit, strengthen the belief in something higher, something divine. They hold masses, prayer sessions, offer healing and medicine and whatnot, offering spiritual nourishment to go along with the physical sustenance. It’s about uplifting the spirit, giving hope where there is none, making a berk believe in the goodness of the multiverse, even when all signs point to the dark.

Now, you might hear some bashers mumbling, complaining that the Hospitallers are a bit too pushy with their beliefs, trying to convert every lost soul to their way of thinking. But the real picture, it ain’t so black and white. The group’s got a gentle touch, a real understanding of the hardships folks face across the planes. They walk a fine line, balancing their charitable work with their zeal, trying to bring light to the dark places without blinding folks with their radiant belief.

So, in the grand scheme of things, they’re a bit of a beacon in the dark, a shining example of how to do good in a multiverse that can be cold and unforgiving. They show that there’s still hope, still a chance for kindness and compassion in a world that can often feel devoid of both. It’s a bit of a fresh breath in a place that can feel stifling, a ray of hope shining through the darkness, a group of cutters showing that there’s still good to be found, even in the most unexpected of places. 

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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