The passionate flames of Fire
are smothered and quenched by the chill of the Negative

The Sea of Frozen Flames 
The Sea of Frozen Flames

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Ahoy, Portalskippers!Efka Farstrider

Me old chiv Voilá! gave me the rattle as he reckoned I could give you the best whispers on the plane of Ash. And he was probably right.

Me name's Efka Farstrider, and I've been banging about this part of the multiverse for as long as tanar'ri teeth. Longer than some of the factions have been in your Cage, that's a cert. I remember the Great ain't often that something from Spiretown makes waves out this far, I'll tell you that for free.

But I'm meandering. You want to hear about Ash. I know it like the back of my hand. In fact, the back of my hand looks a lot like Ash. But then that's because I'm dead. No, don't get all morbid on me, I rather like it. I'm deader than dead. Undead, you call it, eh? Surprised? We're not all rapacious ghouls, mindless zombies or ravishing vampiresses, you know. Some of the wights I know are quite normal. Well, as normal as a shambling decaying talking corpse can could almost call some of them friendly.

And before you ask just because I'm dead, it doesn't mean my chant's out of date too. 'Fact, I've done a lot more exploring since my (un)death set in; indeed, the Lower Elemental Planes are a hefty sight more friendly to your constitution if you ain't got one. Best thing I ever did was die. I heartily recommend it, portalskippers...

Inner Planes

Now here's something else I can't praise enough. This tome explores not only Ash, but all eighteen Inner Planes, describing the hazards, physical conditions, powerful residents and most famous sites of each.

Just because I like you, I'm going to make you an offer. You want to learn more about the Inner Planes? You got the right jink? Why didn't you say before? It's a deal!

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Fire's Wake

The Basics

A glancing look at the plane, its physical conditions, and vital chant you'll need to know if you're fool enough to come here.

Locations on Ash

Burgs and sites that a traveller might stumble across whilst crossing the wastes, should she be lucky...

Philosophers of Ash

You'd be forgiven for being surprised to find a sect based on Ash, the Incorporata. Revelling in (and profiting from) destruction, razing and burning, ain't most Outer Planar cutters' ideal philosophy, though, berk.

Creatures of Ash

While hardly teeming with life by any plane's standards, Ash has its fair share of native creatures, and beasts from other climes that've found themselves here and been able to survive long enough to reproduce. That's no mean feat, berk.

The Ash Genasi

Part pure ash, part humanoid, the ash genasi are an odd bunch of cutters. Learn their darks here.

Magic of Ash

Spells and prayers developed to make travel on the plane easier, or that draw their power from the plane itself.

Powers of Ash

The plane's got a handful of gods and mighty would-be-gods that claim the prayers of the faithful and the misguided. Learn of their schemes and their realms here.

Stories of Ash

True stories, horror stories, and traveller's tips, they're all here, cutter. Learn what you can from them.

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