Creatures of the Negative
Creatures of the Negative

Creatures of the Negative

A Mimir’s Bestiary of the Negative and its Quasi-Elemental Planes

These are all creatures presented for the first time on this website, or that have been refreshed, converted or summarised from canonical or non-canonical planar materials.

This is a list of creatures from AD&D 2e and Pathfinder 1e rules which could be useful for adventures in the Negative Inner Planes.

Creatures of the Negative

  • Aasimon, Movanic Deva [2e; any G, PSMC1]; [CR10, Bestiary 2, PF1e] These proxies of the powers appear as stunningly attractive humans with large, feathery wings fanning gracefully from their shoulders. Monadic deva have dark brown skin, jet hair, and piercing green eyes.
  • Dragon, Negative Energy [2e; N, MMC] Negative dragons superficially resemble gold dragons only pure black in colour. They seem to suck the light out of an area. Their eyes are a cold, steely gray, and emanate the very essence of undeath.
  • Hundun [CE, CR21, Bestiary 5, PF1e] A race of fiendish monks seeking the end of the multiverse, hundun appear as giants with sagging skin hanging like robes, and their internal organs hung on a staff.
  • Lich [2e; 5e], [CR12, Bestiary 1, PF1e]
  • Nightshade, Nightcrawler [CR18, Bestiary 2, PF1e] Immense centipedes with black chitinous armour that seek to destroy all life.
  • Nightshade, Nightskitter [CR12, Undead Revisited, PF1e]
  • Nightshade, Nightwalker [CR16, Bestiary 2, PF1e] Towering black giants with huge ram horns and bladed for hands, nightwalkers lead armies of undead against the living.
  • Nightshade, Nightwave [CR20, Bestiary 2, PF1e]
  • Nightshade, Nightwing [CR14, Bestiary 2, PF1e]
  • Oblivion [NE, CR20, Bestiary 6 p202, PF1e] A roiling cloud of darkness with a sinister eye, these beings are manifestations of ultimate entropy and destruction.
  • Sceaduinar [NE, CR7, Bestiary 2 p239, PF1e] Gargoyle like creatures with spiky legs and a bat head made of purple crystal, sceaduinar are creatures of pure entropy.
  • Slow Shadow [2e]
  • Spectre [2e; 5e]; [CR7, Bestiary 1, PF1e]
  • Symbiote, Negative
  • Trillock [PSMC]
  • Wight [CR3, Bestiary 1, PF1e]
  • Winterwight [CE, CR17, Bestiary 2 p283, PF1e] Skeletons covered in shroud of ice, winterwights have an insatiable lust for the suffering of others.
  • Wraith [CR5, Bestiary 1, PF1e]
  • Xeg-yi [PSMC]

Creatures of Ash

  • Aasimon, Movanic Deva [PSMC1]; [CR10, Bestiary 2, PF1e]
  • Animental, Ash [2e] see PSMC3 p14 here
  • Child, Ash
  • Efreeti [2e] see Genie; Monstrous Manual here
  • Ember Hulk
  • Entrope [2e] see PSMC3 p38 here
  • Fauna of Ash
    • Ashfish
    • Descriat
    • Soot Snake
    • Ulish
  • Flesh Renders
  • Fundamental, Ash [2e] see PSMC3 p46 here
  • Genasi, Ash
  • Giant, Ash
  • Hag, Ash [5e] see 5eSRD here
  • L’zoir
  • Mephit, Ash
  • Marwor Swarm [Wayfinder Bestiary p106 PF1e]
  • Para-Elemental Beast, Silt [2e] see Dark Sun MC Appendix 2 here
  • Quasi-Elemental, Ash [2e; N, PSMC3 p78] The ash quasielemental embodies the slow fading of energy that has already consumed all it can. An animate pile of ashes and cinders, the quasielemental can form itself into crude shapes – a humanoid being, a serpentine creature, and so on.
  • Rast [2e] see PSMC3 p86 here
  • Rust Monster [2e] see Monstrous Manual here
  • Ruvoka, Sartarin [2e] see PSMC3 p90 here
  • Salamander [2e] see Elemental Fire-Kin; PSMC3 here
  • Tem’mat
  • Trilloch [2e] see PSMC3 p108 here
  • Witch, Ash
  • Xorn, Ash

Creatures of Dust

Creatures of Salt

  • Aasimon, Movanic Deva [PSMC1]; [CR10, Bestiary 2, PF1e]
  • Animental, Salt (PSMC3 p14) [2e stats]
  • Entrope [PSMC]
  • Facet [PSMC]
  • Fundamental, Salt [2e] see PSMC3 p46 here
  • Mephit, Salt [PSMC; Bestiary 1 PF1e]
  • Quasi-elemental Salt [N, PSMC3] Salt quasielementals absorb moisture of any sort. They can take on other appearances, but these salt beings most often resemble large, white, rime-encrusted lizards.

Creatures of Vacuum

  • Aasimon, Movanic Deva [PSMC1]; [CR10, Bestiary 2, PF1e]
  • Akata [N, CR1, Bestiary 2 p23, PF1e]. Hairless blue lions with two tails and dozens of thick tentacles instead of a mane, the akata are creatures from a destroyed prime world who infect humanoids with a parasitic disease turning them into zombies.
  • Animental, Vacuum (PSMC3 p14) [2e stats]
  • Dragon, Quasi-Elemental Vacuum
  • Egarus [PSMC]
  • Entrope [PSMC]
  • Fundamental, Vacuum [2e] see PSMC3 p46 here
  • Kaiju, Yarthoon [CR25, Bestiary 6, PF1e]
  • Mephit, Void [although never seen on Vacuum itself]
  • Oma [CR16, Bestiary 4, PF1e]
  • Outer Dragon, Lunar [Bestiary 4, PF1e]
  • Outer Dragon, Solar [Bestiary 4, PF1e]
  • Outer Dragon, Time [Bestiary 4, PF1e]
  • Outer, Dragon, Void [Bestiary 4, PF1e]
  • Outer Dragon, Vortex [Bestiary 4, PF1e]
  • Quasi-elemental, Vacuum [N, PSMC3] Vacuum quasielementals embody the absence of everything. The things’re completely invisible, and their shape is that of an amorphous, rubbery, hollow skin.
  • Rhu-Chalik [CE, CR6, Bestiary 5 p203, PF1e] Grey orbs with a lidless eye and long tendrils, the rhu-chalik are void aberrations that collects memories from creatures they encounter.
  • Somalcygot [NE, CR12, Bestiary 5 p234, PF1e] Four long antennae stretch from the face of these multi-eyed flatworms. They have a spiny chitinous body with four tentacles. Territorial flatworm monsters from the deep void
  • Vacuous [PSMC3]
  • Vespergaunt [CR12, Bestiary 6, PF1e]
  • Yangethe [CR9, Bestiary 5, PF1e]

Abbreviations used

  • PSMC Planescape Boxed Set Monstrous Compendium Appendix
  • PSMC1 Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix I
  • PSMC2 Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix I!
  • PSMC3 Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix II
  • PoLMC Planes of Law Monstrous Compendium Appendix
  • PoCMC Planes of Conflict Monstrous Compendium Appendix
  • PoXMC Planes of Chaos Monstrous Compendium Appendix
  • MM Monstrous Manual
  • MCA1 Monstrous Compendium Annual 1
  • MCA2 Monstrous Compendium Annual 2
  • MCA3 Monstrous Compendium Annual 3
  • MCA4 Monstrous Compendium Annual 4
  • MMC Mimir.Net Monstrous Compendium

Source: Jon Winter-Holt. If you have ideas for lists of creatures for other editions of D&D or Pathfinder, please let me know!

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