Ash Genasi
Ash Genasi

Ash Genasi

Ash Genasi

A typical male ash genasi

In many respects, Scions of the Dying Embers are the opposite of their Smoke Genasi counterparts. Whereas Smoke Genasi prefer the closed-in hustle and bustle of a well-populated city, Ash Genasi have little use for large cities and even less use for crowds. Residents of the Plane of Ash have a solitary outlook on life, even more so than the residents of the other Inner Planes, and this outlook manifests itself in the Ash Genasi’s natural dislike of cities and crowds. This isn’t to say that Ash Genasi are antisocial or that they don’t like the trappings of civilisation; they just prefer a less hectic existence free of large concentrations of civilisation. Unsurprisingly, Ash Genasi and Halflings get along quite well.

When an Ash Genasi first leaves the Plane of Ash, they normally find themselves square in the middle of Sigil. Given their solitary natures, and given that Sigil is one of the largest, most crowded cities in the Multiverse, most Ash Genasi quickly decide that they’ve seen enough of the planes for one lifetime and head back to the Plane of Ash. Consequently, Scions of the Dying Embers are rarely found outside their native plane.

But occasionally an Ash Genasi’s natural curiosity about the Multiverse will overcome her initial reaction to Sigil. And even more rarely, an Ash Genasi will find a portal or vortex that leads to someplace besides Sigil. Regardless of how it happens, these rare Ash Genasi avoid turning tail and heading back to the Plane of Ash, and they head out into the vast Multiverse looking for the secluded areas they enjoy.

In some cases, Ash Genasi who leave their plane take a liking to a particular area and settle down to live out a simple, comfortable existence. In other cases, they become Planewalkers, going from plane-to-plane experiencing a variety of rustic towns, isolated villages, and remote wilderness regions. Note that a sweltering, unpopulated tropical jungle on a prime world, a relatively clear and difficult-to-reach plateau in Gehenna, and the gatetown of Faunel would all be equally attractive to the average Ash Genasi.

In appearance, Ash Genasi tend to have one or more of the following traits:

  • Perpetually soot-covered skin
  • Skin that, while not appearing to be sooty, will leave an ashy residue on anything touching it
  • An odour reminiscent of burnt wood
  • Dark grey skin and/or hair
  • A trail of embers following them
  • Hair that while is it not actually on fire, certainly looks like it might be

Ash Genasi are the only Genasi that don’t receive modifiers to their ability scores. However, they more than make up for this lack with their innate abilities. Ash Genasi are immune to the effects of both non-magical fire and non-magical cold, due to the nature of their native plane.

Additionally, every five levels they gain a +1 bonus to their saving throws vs. magical fire-based attacks (but not against magical cold-based attacks). Finally, Scions of the Dying Embers can Extinguish Flames once per day. This ability is similar to the Affect Normal Fires ability of Fire Genasi, except that it can only be used to extinguish fires within the area of effect. Ash Genasi can use this ability as though they were a 5th-level caster.

Ash Genasi can be fighters, mages, Fire Elementalists, Necromancers, fighter/mages, fighter/Fire Elementalists, or fighter/Necromancers. Ash Genasi can also become rangers or druids due to their affinity for isolated wilderness areas, but since they have no way to study the necessary wilderness skills while on the Plane of Ash, all Ash Genasi rangers and druids must learn these skills after leaving the Plane of Ash. This means that Ash Genasi rangers and druids will be, on average, several years older than non-ranger, non-druid Ash Genasi of similar experience level. To reflect this, determine their starting age normally and then add 7d4 years. Scions of the Dying Embers can be of any non-Lawful alignment.

ABILITY REQUIREMENTS: (before ability adjustments are added or subtracted):





(* Divided into male/female values. Heights are in inches, weights are in pounds.)


(* plus 7d4 for ranger or druid characters)


(* -1 Str/Con; +1 Int/Wis, ** -2 Str/Dex, -1 Con; +1 Wis, *** -1 Str/Dex/Con; +1 Int/Wis)



Source: Afterburner

A typical female ash genasi

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