Heard Matron, Bull-Thrower. CE demipower of herd animals, wrestling (She/Her)

Pantheon: Orcish

Symbol: A ruminant’s skull with a rod in its teeth

Realm: Acheron / Avalas / Nishrek (part of Gruumsh’s court)

One of the youngest daughters of Gruumsh and Luthic, Nuugahtrec is a massive, ogrillon-like female figure associated with herd animals. Rough, brutal, and uncompromising, Nuugahtrec prefers her beasts to their herders, and condemns those who are wasteful with valuable animals to violent punishments. Her followers raise hardy cattle, camels, reindeer, and other such animals across many environments, forming kinships that may somewhat alienate them from orcish society as a whole. They gather milk, prepare cheeses, and butcher fresh meat. Nuugahtrec has no problem being the provider of trusted and reliable foodstuffs, but demands freedom and discretion in return—she refuses to be reduced to what she disparagingly calls a “pantry god.” Shamans are encouraged to promote brawling with the best animals as a way to strengthen both orc and beast, improving the yield and culling the weak. They may also assist the band with winning the services of wild monsters—griffons, bulettes, young dragons and the like.

If you would like vast strength right now
Great Nuugahtrec can show you how
Make your pledge, and take your vow
And you can toss a cow!

—Traditional Nuugahtrec shamanic song

Source: Afroakuma

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