The Gladiator. N demipower of formal and public combat (He/Him)

Pantheon: Orcish

Symbol: A chain wrapped around a short sword

Realm: Outlands and Prime (Oerth) / Wandering

Nazarn is the half-orc hero-god whose legend was born in the sound of clanging of swords in the grandest of arenas. He cuts a figure of immense prowess, an older half-orc with hair turning the shade of battle-worn steel, wielding the short sword Crowdpleaser, a blade almost as notorious as the demipower himself.

Nazarn’s tale begins in the chains of a gladiator slave under the Scarlet Brotherhood’s yoke. But fate, it seems, had grander designs for Nazarn than the life of servitude. Through strength, wit, and the kind of courage that makes legends, Nazarn shattered his bonds and set forth to carve his own destiny.

His path to divinity is a tale of blood, sweat, and cheers—a journey that starts in the sands of Hepmonaland, where he faced ferocious men and beasts alike, culminating in a clash with a green dragon, all under the watchful eyes of his yuan-ti slave masters. It was here, in the crucible of combat, that Nazarn caught the eye of Kord, the Brawler himself, and was lifted to godhood, marking the first half-orc to ever ascend to such heights.

Nazarn’s philosophy is as straightforward as a thrust of his sword. He’s the patron of the honorable fight, the fair duel, and the glory of the arena. To his followers, he preaches valour, fairness, and the thrill of the fight, urging them to answer challenges with honour and to know when to dazzle the crowd and when to focus on the foe. For Nazarn, the arena is not just a battleground but a stage upon which the dramas of strength and skill unfold.

But let it be known, Nazarn’s disdain for the underhanded is as fierce as his combat prowess. He stands in stark opposition to deities like Feng, who sneer at the notion of a fair fight. The followers of Nazarn and Feng are ever at odds, embodying the clash of honor against deceit.

In the burg of Glorium, within the raucous drinking halls and gladiatorial arenas, one might find Nazarn’s influence most palpable. Here, amidst the din of gambling on fights by bubbed-up would-be warriors, his spirit thrives, guiding those who seek to test their mettle in one-on-one combat.

Nazarn’s clerics, these rugged duelists and seasoned gladiators, roam the planes—Ysgard and Arborea especially—in search of the next great challenge, officiating duels and tending to the needs of warriors. They are heralds of Nazarn’s creed, living embodiments of the path of the honorable fighter.

So, if you ever find yerself in the grip of a duel, or facing down an opponent in the hallowed sands of an arena, remember Nazarn’s teachings. Fight with all you have, respect your foes, and, above all, leave the crowd chanting your name. For in the end, it’s not just the victory that defines a warrior, but the legacy they leave behind in the hearts of those who would follow.

Source: Greyhawk wiki

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