Obyrith lord of ekolids, vemonous vermin [he/him] / CE

Realm: Abyss / Layer 2 — Descolada / The Driller’s Hives

Tharzax the Chattering Prince, now there’s an entity of chills and darkness. They weren’t jokin’ when they dubbed him lord of venomous vermin, berk. He is the embodiment of every fear you ever had ’bout creepy-crawlies, magnified a thousand times over. I’m talkin’ about an entity that can summon a swarm of insects so thick, they blot out the very sky itself, turnin’ the day into night, with just a wave of his antenna. Yeah, the chap’s got a real flair for the dramatic, that one.

His court, if ye can call it that, is a literal sea of hissing, buzzing, and clicking minions. It’s like walking into a living nightmare, where the walls are alive and the ground is a shifting carpet of bodies. And the sounds, oh the sounds! It’s the kind of din that digs into yer brain, a relentless, ever-present noise that grates on your nerves till you’re just a bundle of jangled nerves, jittery and twitchy, jumpin’ at shadows.

The Chattering Prince doesn’t just sit on a throne like other Abyssal lords — oh no, that would be too pedestrian for someone of his grandiose tastes. Instead, he hovers, surrounded by a swirling cloud of his insectoid minions, a living, breathing mass of flesh and chitin that responds to his every whim. It’s a grotesque sight, lemme tell ya. A shifting, swirling mass of bodies that can form into any shape he desires, including a facsimile of a throne, a canopy, or even a grand table for feasts of the most depraved nature.

Now, yer probably wonderin’ what kind of basher would even want to venture into Descolada, into the very heart of Tharzax’s domain, right? Well, let me tell you, berk, there’s always some sod lookin’ to make a deal with a demon lord, lookin’ for power, for riches, or for some dark secret. The thing is, Tharzax ain’t known for being generous. Oh, he’ll grant yer wish, alright, but the price you’ll pay will be steep, steep enough to break even the strongest of wills.

And yet, for all his cruelty, Tharzax ain’t without a sense of… well, I wouldn’t call it honour, but there’s a certain predictability to his malice, a madness to his method, if you will. If you play by his rules — twisted and warped though they may be — and you show the proper deference, you just might walk away with your life… though I wouldn’t bet me last copper green on it. But one thing’s for sure, in the realm of Tharzax the Chattering Prince, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities for both great reward and terrible, terrible peril. It’s the kind of place that can make you or break you, and there ain’t no in between.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

Tharzax the Chattering Prince

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