Kaos Kult Kamp
Kaos Kult Kamp

Kaos Kult Kamp

Kaos Kult Kamp

Location: Abyss / Pazunia

Headline in SIGIS: Plague-Mort Returns to Outlands

OUTLANDS—Much to the dismay of many berks who wished it good riddance, the Outland’s least popular gate-town Plague-Mort came limping back just under a week ago. Chant around the burg hints that the chaos cultists whose bloody religious war had triggered the slide have been put in the dead-book by the Hounds. During an in-depth investigation, SIGIS discovered that before the time of the disappearance two separate cults had established strongholds near the Gate-town (these were dubbed the “Kaos Kult Kamps”).

The two sects turned out to be vicious enemies and their brawling escalated into a full-scale war. The burgher currymushy looked set to burn the place down, and it was about that point that the burg vanished. According to witnesses in the burg, during the disappearance the Arch-Lector ordered the Hounds (Plague-Mort’s militia) to kill as many cultists as they could, orders the Hounds carried out with great relish. This savage act of bloodshed could have easily sent the burg spinning down into the Abyss were it not for the self-sacrificing actions of an unknown paladin, who started a fire in one of the Kult Kamps drawing the warring barmies out of the city.

Although many believe that the Arch-Lector wished to see Plague-Mort join Broken Reach on the Plain of Infinite Portals, the Hounds apparently were too caught up in their mania to further the Arch-Lector’s goal. Instead, they pursued the cultists back to camp and shortly afterwards the city rejoined the Outlands. Fifteen Hound officers, including three alu-fiends and a cambion, are missing, along with a posse comitatus of about thirty locals. Chant from Broken Reach tells of a new settled area about three days walk from the town, which is thought to be the remnants of the Kult Kamps. If this proves true, this would be only the third documented occasion of part of a district switching planes rather than a Gate-town, and the Fraternity of Order are planning an expedition to both Plague-Mort and the Abyss to investigate this possibility.

—Dharvash Smig, SIGIS culler based in Curst

Source: SIGIS issue 12 by Alex Roberts

Oh, the sodding Kaos Kult Kamps, right? Just a proper chaotic fest of barmy sods runnin’ amok, that place. Now, where do I start? Imagine the most disorderly, ramshackle, messed-up place you ever saw. Them bloody Abyssal religious wars set the whole place into a tailspin, you see. Three different cults, the lot of ’em with philosophies as daft as a box of frogs, set up shop there in the Outlands. Their dire pronoucements gave the whole place a feelin’ of imminent doom, like a storm brewin’ on the horizon, ya know?

Any what do you know, the storm hit pretty quick like. As the cultist squabbled back and forth, the strong beliefs and crazed beliefs caused the whole ares to slide, first into Pandemonium, then the Abyss, and then back again to the Outlands. Then a bunch of Xaositects got wind of the fun and joined in, disguising themselves as cultists and making the whole thing even barmier.

At one point, when the camp slid back to the Outlands and parked itself just outside the walls of Plague-Mort. Them Hounds, the Plague-Mort’s militia, they got into a real frenzy, I heard. Just goin’ on a rampage, they were, makin’ sure the chaos cultists met their makers, a bit too eagerly, if you ask me. I mean, the Arch-Lector had a real malicious plan up his sleeve, a bit too cunning, he was, wantin’ to see Plague-Mort join Broken Reach in a right proper messy place like the Plain of Infinite Portals. But them Hounds, they lost the plot, didn’t they? Got too caught up in their bloodlust to see the bigger picture.

The town of Plague-Mort itself disappeared from the Outlands, vanished like a puff of smoke, and everyone thought that was the end of that, so they did. But then, just when you thought things couldn’t get more barmy, it reappeared in the Outlands, like a bad penny that keeps turning up, this time minus the chaos cultists.

Now, I’ll tell ya, that burg had a close shave, almost got itself tossed into the Abyss, it did, but then comes along this unknown paladin, right? You can picture it, some bloke with a heart too big for his chest, rushin’ in like a knight in shiny armour, set a bloody fire at one of them Kaos Kult Kamps to lead them fightin’ barmies away from the town and back to the camp, a real diversion, it was. This got rid of just enough malice for Plague-Mort to return to the Outlands again.

What’s the situation on the ground now cutter? It’s impossible to say. I’ve never heard of a single place sliding between the planes so often and so quickly, and there’s no telling where the Kaos Kult Kamp might be right now. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some permanent damage is being done to the planar weave here you know, cutter.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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