Aldinach’s Egg
Aldinach’s Egg

Aldinach’s Egg

Aldinach’s Egg

Now here’s a real horror-story, even for the Abyss. It’s a twisted fortress where the bleedin’ cultists of Aldinach, the so-called Lady of Change, drag the poor sods they’ve snatched. Once inside, these unlucky rubes get turned inside out like a sock, becoming mockeries of all that’s good and pure – former paladins, unicorns, and clerics of Upper Planar powers? Flipped on their heads, berk. They’re given the half-fiend treatment – Aldinach has figured out a process to merge demonic spirits with corporeal shells. Not to mention their moral compass, which swings around like a modron at a Maypole, slamming into chaotic evil. And sure, some of these poor barmies feel the remorse gnawing at their insides, but it ain’t long before that turns into a red-hot rage. Survivors, if they got the backbone, tend to end up defending a slice of territory around this Egg like it’s their last meal. The weak? Well, they’re soon be some demon’s dinner.

The Egg itself is a towering nightmare, packed with twisted labs and surgical theatres. Aldinach herself? She’s a right piece of work, open to dark magics that let her play mad alchemist better. If she tumbles to the fact you ain’t thrilled about her twisted hobby, watch your back, ’cause you might end up on the menu for her pet chaos beasts, the Brethren. So, if you’re ever thinking of knocking on the Egg’s door, just remember – the welcome mat is made of nightmares.

Aldinach, She of the Six Venoms

The Egg’s an ovoid monstrosity, forged from iron and evil intentions, and clings to the edge of the Grand Abyss like a stubborn pustule. The place is stacked high with more floors than you can shake a shoggoth at. And what goes on inside? It’s like a butcher’s shop for souls and sanity. You’ve got grim labs that’d give a night hag the creeps, where all sorts of vile experiments get cooked up like a cauldron of trouble. Operating theatres? Yeah, they’re like art studios for torment. Imagine twisted surgeons carving away at the last shreds of decency in these poor souls. The audience chambers? Well, they’re draped with the skins of those who don’t make it.

Aldinach herself is the wicked maestro conducting this symphony of agony. If you’re brave or daft enough to consider strolling into Aldinach’s Egg with jink to splash, well, hold onto your loincloth, ’cause I’m gonna give you the rundown on what twisted services you might find – if you’ve got enough clink to catch Aldinach’s attention. If you’re packin’ some enchanting technology or arcane know-how, she might give you an audience. Just remember, her enthusiasm for perverse surgeries ain’t everyone’s cup of mead, so watch your step if you’re not keen on playin’ along. For the right price, those twisted labs of hers could whip you up something that’d make a drider drool. Fancy some personal enhancements? Sure thing. But be warned, they might come with unexpected side effects.

But here’s the rub, cutter. Once you step into Aldinach’s twisted lair, there’s no telling if you’ll make it out in one piece. Or any piece, for that matter. So, if you’re determined to dive in, make sure your pouch is packed with more than just coins – you’ll need a dash of luck and a whole lotta nerve. Just remember, whatever you’re paying, it had better be enough to buy your way out of trouble.

Source: Fiendish Codex 1: Hordes of the Abyss, expanded by Jon Winter-Holt,

Aldinach’s Fortress of the Thirty-Three Terrors, also known as Aldinach’s Egg.

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