On Flibbergibbit Street, Hive Ward

Deep in the Hive is the Warehouse, one of Sigil’s more bizarre and enigmatic structures. No-one knows exactly what is is, who built it, or what its place in the scheme of things actually is.

From the outside, the Warehouse appears to be a two-storey wooden building, looking very much like any other warehouse of similar design in the Multiverse. Inside, though, it’s a different story. The dimensions of the interior are completely different from those of the exterior, like a giant Bag of Holding or something. In fact, from the inside, the Warehouse seems to go on literally forever. Perhaps this is because the interior occupies a different dimensional space from the exterior? Perhaps anyone and anything coming through the door is instantaneously shrunk to an infinitesimally tiny size and returned to normal dimensions on the way out? No-one can be sure. There is only one door which serves as the entrance and exit, and although the building looks like it is made of wood, it is quite impervious and impenetrable.

The inside of the Warehouse is piled with veritable mountains of loose junk: buttons of every colour and description, buckles, small change — coinage from throughout the multiverse, scraps of paper containing everything from laundry lists to treasure maps in a thousand alphabets and ten thousand languages, keys of every shape and size, cutlery, odd bits of jewellery, mouldering foodstuffs… No item in the Warehouse exceeds about three inches in any linear dimension. And it’s as if this stuff us ever continuing to build up. Every time you turn around in there, the landscape of junk has changed.

The most popular explanation for what all this stuff is and where it comes from is that the Warehouse is where all the lost odds-and-ends of the multiverse turn up. Where is that other earring? I though I’d left my quill here last night… Has anyone seen my lute pick?

Because there are also a large number of spell components and portal keys to be found here amongst all the other flotsam, there are those who believe that this is where these items make their way as well, after the spell is cast or the portal activated. Of course, these berks probably have no clue as to what they’re talking about.

If, for any reason a basher finds herself in need of a particular little trinket, she/he can always try finding one in the Warehouse. There’s about a 10% chance (non-cumulative) per hour of actually finding what you’re looking for in here (modified by how rare this item may be, or how absolutely specific you want to be about what you want), but also at the same time, there is a cumulative 5% chance per hour that a berk’ll become completely and hopelessly lost. Indeed, the body of many an adventurer is to be found deep within a mountain of thimbles, odd bits of twine, blobs of sealing wax, and other such treasures.

Most people with any clue just leave this place well alone, and few and far between are those who have ever actually found anything immediately useful, let alone valuable, in there.

Source: Ariella

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