The Phantom Docks
The Phantom Docks

The Phantom Docks

An embarrassing thorn in the side of the Doomguard, the Phantom Docks are name not for any haunting spooks or spectres, but because the wharf complex is abandoned. Originally built to be the majestic berth for the first Ship of Chaos, it was subsequently abandoned when the first ship-of-the-line itself refused delivery. Losing hope and face, Factol Pentar feared the entire Tanar’ri/Doomguard co-operative would soon crumble to dust. For the past few years, the pier has sat lifelessly on the bank of the Ditch, decaying ungracefully under Sigil’s smog and endemic vandalism problem. The irony here is delicious; the Doomguard took a bad part of town and managed to made it considerably worse, while trying to build something impressive.

Lately, word on the street has begun buzzing that the Planar Trade Consortium has stepped into the picture and infused the Chaos Ship Project with much needed life and funds. A bubber claiming to be close to the deal has been flapping his bone-box that the ship blueprints have been altered, adding three bat-wing like sails, a baleana-skull crow’s nest, and something called a lifejammer. Activity actually has risen along the Phantom Docks, and a mysterious phrase has been heard on the lips of researchers in the Hall of Records — “Astromundi Cluster”…

“You want to see proof for the sovereignty of entropy. berk? Mourn for Firefall…”

— An Illithid Sinker, fresh from ClusterSpace

Source: William James Cuffe — this was originally part of the article ‘Of Sigil and the Sea’ in Polyhedron #137, but was not printed. Slightly edited by Jon Winter-Holt. The Ship of Chaos is from Planes of Chaos Boxed set.

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