Teetering on the Brink of Life and Death
Teetering on the Brink of Life and Death

Teetering on the Brink of Life and Death

Philosophy by Numbers: The Heralds of Dust

“Oy cutter, what have you gotten yourself into now? Let’s take a look.

“Well now, the Collectors’ve really done you in, haven’t they? Looks like you must’ve had a few rings on your fingers, or rather, they’ve got a few fingers with your rings! Heh! And an ear, as well!

“Ah, you’re wearin’ a Sensate’s colours. No wonder you’re such a pretty cutter what with all yer bright clothes and tattoos. You’re in need of a talking-to, and it’s lucky I found you before it was too late!

“Don’t you look at me like that! Heh! Just ’cause you’re a dead one doesn’t mean you can’t hear me! That’s right, you lie there and listen! I’ll be sliding you through your portal soon.

“I look at your bright clothes and your face all made up. I can see a glint in your eye, one that never knew hardship or labour. The toughest challenge you’ve ever faced was what you were going to wear to one of Darkflame’s affairs! Take a look at my life, cutter. What do you see?

“You see nothing but trials. I force my way through the Hive every day and night from my wretched kip. I’ve but one robe to wear, and one pair of boots to walk in. I don’t deny the facts of this world. Why do you? Heh! Why did you, I mean? Only to ignore the real world! You spent all your life trying to cloak the world’s filth with the beauty of the Sensates’ creation. Why deny the reality? You thought to change the world into one of beauty, when the fact of it all is we’re already dead.

“Didn’t hear that? Let me tilt your head a little closer, cutter. We’re already dead! How else can you explain the misery of the Planes? If you can’t understand that, what about the efforts you make to cover up the bleary truth!? Life isn’t about pretending to live! Real life is one of perfection without effort, beauty isn’t a veil over the real filth beneath! Too bad you didn’t understand that before you died!

“My emotions’re running too hard. Sorry about that. I still cling to that part of a supposed life. Well, cutter, assuming you don’t become a petitioner and lose any chance at the life beyond our death, remember what I’ve told you.

“Good, we’re here! Let me just lift you onto the slab and send you off! See you in the real world!”

Source: Zak Arntson

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