The Hollow Fountain
The Hollow Fountain

The Hollow Fountain

Glass Way, Lady’s Ward

This splendid new inn has just finished construction after several decades of staggered construction.

From a distance, the whole building looks like nothing less than a huge fountain, big enough for a titan! Fully 60′ tall and jetting sparkling, clear water as high as 150′ in the air, the building is built entirely of as light blue stone. The water cascades down into a top reservoir, then flows smoothly over magically reinforced windows, giving every room in the house a pleasant underwater feel. The water runs into a 100′-wide pool at the bottom, which is over 50′ deep (and cleaned by elemental creatures, rumours say). To get to the fountain, one must walk across one of four walkways crossing the pool to enter the main lobby. From there, a body can get a very comfortable room in the spire of the fountain or descend under the street level to dine in an exquisite ring-shaped restaurant running along the interior ring of the pool. The restaurant is lit mainly by lamps at night, but during the day the light filtering down through the water above provides all the illumination needed.

The Hollow Fountain’s true purpose only came to light about two months ago, when luxurious furniture began arriving at the huge but still non-functional fountain. Before then, the enigmatic wizard who supposedly built the entire fountain by hand (or rather, by magic) simply stated it was to be ‘a place to rest, but not for me.’

The Hollow Fountain has become a new hotspot for the Kriegstanz, and was an instant favourite among many elemental individuals. Though unsavoury creatures like hydroloths have stayed here, the place repels fiendish customers (who prefer warmer, dryer environs) and has attracted many celestial as regular customers.

Food, drink, and rest are not the only services provided by the Fountain, however! I am happy to say that this may be the single best place to hire a mephit in Sigil! Apart from the warmer and dryer mephits (including fire, magma, salt, and dust mephits, among others), this establishment offers interested wizards the services of a great variety of mephits. Mainly water, steam, mist, and ice are available, but earth, air, and radiant mephits are also available. Whether magically summoned or hired, the mephits are among the very best I’ve worked with myself, and I heartily encourage Cager wizard to look into hiring a mephit servant (having been one myself, I must also ask that kindly wizards apply first).


Rooms: A room can be has for 4 jinx a night, or 20 jinx a week, as a minimum. Double bedrooms and penthouse rooms cost considerably more. Long-term rent options are possible, but limited due to space constraints. Contact the owner if interested.

Food and Drink: The cuisine is passable to delicious, served by surprisingly tactful water mephits (either training or magic has helped curb their jovial tendencies). The bar is well stocked with everything from strong liquor to non-alcoholic fruit drinks. Prices vary, and a full meal can be had for as little as a gold piece, but the very best can cost over 50 jinx. Similarly, drinks cost anywhere from 1 stingers to over 5 jinx a glass.

MEPHIT SERVICES: The mephits available for hire determine their own terms of employment, and private meetings must be arranged to negotiate a contract with a desired mephit. The House cannot guarantee any particular type of mephit will be available for hire at any time.

Source: Belarius

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