The House of Life
The House of Life

The House of Life

Radiant Plaza, Lady’s Ward

This wonderful building is used as an hospital by the rich and the powerful living in the Lady’s Ward. It looks like a large Egyptian temple as great marble sphinxes rise in front of the main entry, and the whole structure was designed according to the Heliopolitan patterns. The House of Life is made of two major buildings: the first, called the Greatest School, is in fact a university which includes one of the most comprehensive libraries dealing with healing arts in the multiverse. Students wishing to become trained in the healing arts here are required to pass a very tough test and to follow the paths of law and goodness. They must then study for eight years before obtaining their degree and a further two years more to pass their doctorate (in Divine Healing, Positive Necromancy, Meta-Anatomy, Surgery, etc.). Studies are quite harsh because of the competition between students and breakdowns or suicides due to the stress of the exams are not rare.

The second building is the Meta-Hospital where every illness can be dealt with, including magical sicknesses and even curses affecting the body (like lycanthropy). However, the efficiency of the cure depends on the amount of jinx paid to the Directors (who belong to the Fated). The poor are treated as subjects for the school practices.

The House of Life is ruled by Sinuhè the Solitary One (human proxy of Thoth [she/her] / LG). The Greatest School and the Meta-Hospital are respectively under the command of Polydoros Manhealer (planar human priest of Asclepius / LG) a priest of the Greek Power of Healing, and Director Wisedor Sheldon (planar human wizard [she/her] / Fated / LN).

Chant is that a Portal leading to the Plane of Life opens in the Central Chamber of the Meta-Hospital; it is used only in the most exceptional cases because of the obvious danger of such a cure.

Source: Madiane de Souza Dias

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