Furnace Street, Lower Ward

In the Lower Ward of Sigil, near where the Hive Ward begins, many bubbers and homeless set up kip for the night on the streets near a very large and very hot building. The heat from this building, called the Furnace, travels throughout the street. Anyone getting within 10 feet of the furnace without protection will start to broil [taking 1d4 hit point per round unless he saves vs. breath weapon]. Touching the walls of the Furnace results in serious injury [2d6 damage, save for half. Any materials touching the side of the Furnace also need to save vs. fire or burst into flame.]

The Furnace is quite large, at least the size of a large tavern. The dark is, that’s exactly what it is. It does not exist only to provide heat for the down and out; it’s a tavern with a very particular clientele. Inside, flames from the Plane of Fire enter the building from all directions. The temperature is unbearable to any normal folk. However, creatures native to the Plane of Fire love it. It’s a home away from home for them. Azer, efreeti, salamanders, ruvoka, fire genasi, and other creatures of flame frequent the tavern. There have even been stories of a young red dragon visiting a time or two. Occasionally other bashers will go to the Furnace (with significant protection) to say they’ve been there.

To enter the Furnace, a blood must first be able to stand the heat. If he is protected, he can find a door, glowing red hot, that is always open. Once insider the foyer, another door leads to the main room. This double-door setup is to prevent searing flames from shooting out and destroying nearby property every time someone goes in. The Furnace is much hotter on the inside. [Anyone not protected takes 3d10 damage per round, no save.] As the flames of the Plane of Fire are more diluted here, they are not considered magical fire. Fire genasi in Sigil are therefore perfectly comfortable here, and nearly all fire genasi Cagers can be found here at one time or another.

Setara (planar efreet [she/her] / Harmonium / LG), a rogue efreet, is the creator and proprietor of The Furnace. Exiled from the Plane of Fire for reasons she refuses to discuss, she came to Sigil. Longing for her fiery home and needing a steady source of income, she is now always found in The Furnace. In the centre of the building is a zone protected from the flame and heat. This ‘cold spot’ is where Setara stores the wares of the Furnace: exotic fuels, incenses, firefruit, and flameproof meat (the firebat steak is highly recommended), which her customers seem to prefer over the food and bub of other taverns. The Furnace is a strange and alien place to any not familiar with the flames of the Crematorium (the Plane of Fire), but is a breath of fresh air…of fresh fire…to those who hail from such a plane.

Recently, sales in magic items to protect onesself against fire have been increasing, particularly in shadier areas of Sigil. It is believed that some group is secretly meeting in the furnace, away from the prying eyes of most normal cutters and law enforcement in Sigil. They could be planning a takeover of Sigil, they could be common knights of the post, or they could even just want a new place to party. But a lot of people are getting suspicious.

Source: Greg Jensen

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