Ye House of Mymirs
Ye House of Mymirs

Ye House of Mymirs

Street of Skulls, Lower Ward

Housed in a ram-shackle tower in the Lower Ward, Ye House of Mymirs is one of the best places to find information in the Cage. Here, Phonpar (planar githyanki rogue [he/him] / Fraternity of Order / LN), stores a wide variety of mimirs, as well as minor magical items like potions and scrolls. A series of sound-proof booths occupy the first two levels. Here, cutters can listen to chant and darks from across the planes. Also, a basher with something to say can record on a mimir, which is a good thing as Phonpar pays well for new information (the going rate is 1 jinx for a minute or less, and 2 jinx per additional minute).

The chant service ain’t free though. A straight fee of 1 jinx at the door gets you in until the shop closes (either for an hour at peak or 2 hours before anti-peak). Cutters bearing darks for the mimirs can get in free. At night, the mimirs are set up on the top (4th) floor to talk to each other, allowing them all to share the same information. It makes quite a racket, let me tell you! Phonpar has his quarters, a storeroom, and earplugs on the third floor.

Special mimirs are kept on the second floor in bird-cages chained to the walls. Using these costs an extra 2 jinx. Occasionally, Phonpar takes these to the lecture hall on the first floor, when audiences can be enlightened. Ye House of Mymirs is supported through donations by the Fraternity of Order and the Society of Sensation.

Services: Mimir recording and listening, lectures, mimir sales.

Admissions: 1 jinx per half day
Special mimir usage: 2 jinx
Lectures: free with admission
Mimirs: (normal price + 10 jinx) as they are high quality.
Will pay 1 jinx per minute (or fraction thereof) for new information.

Source: Christopher Dale Nichols

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