Grottos of Maghera
Grottos of Maghera

Grottos of Maghera

The Grottos of Maghera

Site in Tir fo Thuinn

Location: Outlands / Tir fo Thuinn

In the depths of Tir fo Thuinn, beyond Manannán mac Lir’s resplendent palace, lie the Grottos of Maghera—a network of submerged caves. These grottos are a labyrinth of otherworldly wonders, a place where the boundaries between reality and myth blur.

The entrance to the Grottos is hidden, known only to a few. It’s marked by an ancient rune-covered stone, half-buried in the ocean floor. As one ventures inside, the light from the surface fades, and bioluminescent algae and creatures light the way, casting eerie glows on the walls.

The grottos are home to beings as mysterious as the caves themselves. The most notorious are the sea hags of Maghera, a coven of ancient creatures whose knowledge of the ocean’s secrets is unparalleled. These hags are not merely old crones of the sea; they are powerful sorceresses, their magic intertwined with the very essence of the deep waters. Their eyes gleam like pearls in the dark, and their voices are like the whispering tides, capable of weaving spells that can calm a storm or summon a maelstrom.

Amidst the winding tunnels and caverns, one can find gardens of coral that are alive with magic. These corals pulse with an otherworldly energy, absorbing the mystical forces that flow through the grottos. It’s said that these gardens are sentient, guardians of ancient secrets and treasures hidden in the depths.

Legends speak of the Leviathan’s Heart, a massive gemstone said to be the core of a long-dead sea leviathan, pulsating with a powerful and ancient magic. It’s believed to be hidden in the deepest part of the grottos, guarded by creatures both beautiful and terrifying—merfolk warriors riding seahorses, serpentine guardians coiling in the abyss, and spectral jellyfish whose stings can paralyze a berk in an instant.

The grottos are a place of both beauty and danger. The walls are encrusted with gems and minerals, casting kaleidoscopic patterns on the caverns. Strange, unknown creatures with glowing eyes and luminous fins dart in and out of the shadows. The water itself seems to hum with a strange power, a melody that resonates with the souls of anyone who dares to explore these depths.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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