Epona’s Children
Epona’s Children

Epona’s Children


Also known as Epona’s Grandchildren, the ur’Epona are mystical equine creatures of great beauty and power, embodying the essence of their progenitor. These beings are a magnificent sight, known for their ability to traverse the multiverse with ease and grace.

While the ur’Epona might appear solitary, they thrive in the company of their kind. In Epona’s realm in Tir na Og, they form great herds, roaming the expansive plains and meadows. They are somewhat aloof from two-legged planars, primes, and petitioners, preferring the company of their own kind. However, they do make exceptions for those they consider friends or to whom they owe a debt of honour, and they’re typically fond of bariaur.

Horse-like in form but possessing an ethereal quality that sets them apart from ordinary equines, one of their most striking features is their colour-changing hide. This isn’t just a matter of pigmentation; it’s a reflection of their mood and the magic that courses through them. Their coats can shimmer from pure, glistening white to deep, absorbing sable, and a kaleidoscope of every shade in between. 

While the ur’Epona do not speak in the traditional sense, they are far from mere animals. They possess a deep intelligence and an innate understanding of all languages spoken to them. This understanding goes beyond just words; they seem to grasp the intentions and emotions behind the speech, making them highly empathetic beings.

The most remarkable abilities of the ur’Epona however, is their inherent power to move between planes. This ability is a gift from Epona, a testament to their lineage and connection to the Primal Horse. Ur’Epona can navigate the planar pathways with an ease that belies the complexity of such travel, able to appear and disappear from one plane to another as if stepping through a veil.

The ur’Epona are revered and admired across the multiverse, seen as symbols of freedom, grace, and mystical power. They are often sought after by planewalkers and beings of great power for their ability to traverse the planes. However, capturing or coercing an ur’Epona is no easy task, nor is it advised. These creatures are fiercely independent and wilful, choosing their own paths and allies. Their presence in any plane is often seen as a sign of good fortune or a blessing from Epona herself. In Tir na Og, they are particularly revered, seen as living embodiments of the spirit and blessing of Epona.


Every cycle or so, a particularly unusual ur’Epona foal is born. The individuals are always female, exceptionally intelligent, and dazzlingly and uniquely coloured—but do not change colour. This marks the creature as a nic’Epona (Epona’s daughter), and a future proxy of Epona herself. The nic’Epona are deeply bonded to their herd of ur’Epona and exhibit a fierce protectiveness, especially towards foals. Woe betide the foolhardy berk who dares to threaten or steal one of their young; the entire herd would pursue the thief relentlessly across the planes.

When it comes to interactions with other beings, nic’Epona are gregarious and curious. They are able to speak, and enjoy engaging with adventurers and travellers, eager to exchange stories and learn of new places to explore. A nic’Epona’s company is not easily won; one must have not only fine gifts and flattering words but also a genuine and respectful demeanour.

Like the ur’Epona, nic’Epona are capable of extraordinary feats of planar travel, offering transportation to those who have earned their trust and affection. However, this is a privilege granted only once per individual—a sacred bond of trust and respect. Should a rider betray this trust, the nic’Epona have no qualms about stranding them in perilous or inhospitable planes, with Baator being a particularly favoured destination for ungrateful or deceitful riders.

A nic’Epona allowing a being to name her is a rare and profound honour, indicating a deep bond of trust and affection. Once named, the nic’Epona will respond to this name as a summons, willing to cross the planes to aid her friend up to three times. This act of coming to one’s aid is a testament to the creature’s loyalty and the sacredness of the bond formed.

Canonical Sources:

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Source: Alex Roberts A Tiefling’s Exultation and Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

Author’s Note: The statistics of the 2e nic’Epona and the 3e ur’Epona are very different, so I’ve split them into two distinct types, making the nic’Epona the chosen ones of the race.

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