The burg of Amalrehtan squats in the centre of the layer – although, with the Abyss, trying to find a centre is like trying to hug a shadow. The skyline’s all jagged towers, domes like fat mushrooms, and ruins that make you wonder if a tarrasque had a temper tantrum here. Genetic foundries? Yeah, those were cookin’ up twisted monstrosities once upon a time, but now they’re mostly in ruins, as broken as a tiefling’s heart. The most useful bit of chant to know about the burg is that the tanar’ri steer clear of this place. Why? It’s because of the dungeons beneath the city, which occasionally belch up ancient horrors, and these monsters come out chomping at the bit to tear into any poor sod unlucky enough to run into them. Even the most reckless fiends know better than to mess with the raw fury that Amalrehtan sat upon. Unfortunately, mortals tend not to have such long memories — or lifespans.

And here’s where it gets interesting, cutter. Since most tanar’ri give this burg the cold shoulder, it’s become a safe(ish) haven for planewalkers – that’s where you come in. The streets buzz with visitors from all over the Lower Planes, each with tales more colourful than a couatl. The marketplaces are like treasure troves of Abyssal oddities. There’s stuff here you won’t find anywhere else, goods of questionable morality and the promise of more chant than you could dream up.

But don’t think it’s all peaches and cream. The shadows here dance to a different tune, and danger’s as common as mimirs in Sigil. They don’t emerge often, but the possibility of a qlippoth emerging from below and laying waste to anything unlucky enough to cross its path is non-zero. If you hear the warning horns, and trust me if they blare you will hear them then run. Doesn’t matter which way. Just run. Like your eternal soul depended on it.

But, if you’re feeling lucky and you’re looking to score some top notch planar swag, Amalrehtan should be a stop on your list. Just remember, make sure what you’re looking for is worth the risk, because if you’re not careful it might end up being the last thing you ever lay eyes on. I’ve whet your appetite, eh? Alright, gather ’round, and let me regale you with the kinds of treasures you might snag in Amalrehtan – if your jink pouch is deep enough and your luck holds steady.

Market of Amalrehtan

Picture this: you walk into a chaotic marketplace with stalls bursting with magical treats. First off, there’s the Dreamstrand Cloth – a fabric woven from the stuff of dreams themselves. Wrap it around you, and you might find yourself slipping between realities like an eel in the Astral. They say it this stuff even lets you pass through those lead-covered walls in the Lady’s Ward but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

If you’re the scholarly type, there’s the Codex of Whispered Words. This tome’s got the secrets of languages that’d make even a sphinx scratch its head. You’ll learn to chat with a marut like it’s your Bytopian twin, or read the runes on tumbled-down temples in Pelion. And maybe even the secret dark words that you should only use if you don’t fear the obyrith.

There’s the Bottle of Bound Echoes. It’s like your very own pocket of echoes from across the multiverse. You pop the cork, and you’re hearing whispers from primes, celestials, and even things from planes you never knew existed. You never know what useful horrors you might learn. Just watch out for the Great Old Ones, because apparently they can be persuasive!

If you’re the backstabby type, the Cape of the Shadowfiend might tickle your fancy. Slip this on, and you can step into and out of shadows, even those cast by other creatures. But don’t go getting ideas, and don’t think too hard about why it’s got the name it does.

And let’s not forget the Prismatic Philter. Take a sip, and you’ll see the world in colours that don’t even have names, as well as magical dweomers, alignment auras, faction affiliation, and even people’s darkest secrets. But careful, too many swigs, and you might end up seeing everything upside down for a week. Potent stuff, and illegal in most polite societies. But that’s why you’re shopping in the Dark Markets of Amalrehtan of course.

So, there you have it – a little taste of the unique treasures Amalrehtan has to offer. Just remember, it’s not all glitter and gold – some of these goodies might just change your life, and not always for the better. But hey, what’s an adventure without a little risk, eh?

Source: Armies of the Abyss,

The bustling, and shady, markets of Amalrehtan

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