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Pandemonium — Layer the Fourth

The Godsvault

The strangest and deadliest layer of Pandemonium, Agathion is almost entirely solid, light-stealing, soul-crushing rock. Here and there are isolated pockets of space; cavern-bubbles unconnected to any other, some with air and some filled with pure void. It’s a place of sensory deprivation, except for the wind which still somehow finds its way into any place with air. This is the hiding-place of the powers; inaccessible vaults of absolute seclusion and impenetrability. This is the plane of secrets that need to be forgotten.

Locations of Agathion

  • Desayeus’s Prison (site)
  • Forgotten Vault (site)
  • The Reliquary (site)

Powers of Agathion

  • None, unless imprisoned here

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt and Alex Roberts

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