Mithardir — Pelion
Mithardir — Pelion

Mithardir — Pelion

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Mithardir — Pelion

Arborea — Layer the Third

The Desert of Stories Forgotten

The layer of Mithardir/Pelion is a barren desert of white sands with mysterious ruins. It’s a manifestation of dungeon quests, of the thrill of unearthing buried treasures, and the re-discovery of the secrets of once-great civilisations. It’s a warning that with great power comes great risk, and that a civilisation which forgets its history is doomed to repeat the same mistakes and fall. It’s the plane of romanticised history, but also of the dangers of doing this.

Locations of Mithardir — Pelion

  • Amun-thys (realm of Nephythys)
    • Bal-tiref (realm town)
  • Mount Pelion (planar pathway)
  • Oasis (independent burg)
  • Zerzura (ruined burg)

Powers of Mithardir — Pelion

  • Nephythys (Egyptian protector of the dead)

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt, Alex Roberts and Paul Nasrat

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