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Ysgard — Layer the Second

The Land of Fire and Ice

If you travel far down enough in Ysgard you eventually come to a place where some of the earthbergs freeze over, becoming rivers of ice in the sky. Yet at the same time, other earthburgs burn even more intense, becoming glowing rivers of magma. This realm of ice and flame is called Muspelheim, and is the second layer of Ysgard, home to giants of frost and fire. It’s not only the humanoids who are giant sized here. Amongst the earthburgs the kaiju can be found, battling for supremacy and not caring what damage they do while they fight. Muspelheim isn’t only a place of giants though, it’s also home to the fires of creation, that primal force that first thawed out the raw potential of the planes and turned them into reality. Muspelheim embodies the idea that true bravery is facing overwhelming odds with stoicism.

Locations of Muspelheim

  • Island of Fire (Earthberg)
    • Hermopolis/Khemenu (shared realm of the Ogdoad)
      • Whispers in the Shadow (realm of Amon and Amaunet; gate-town to the Astral)
      • The Steeple of Vision (realm of Heh and Hehet)
      • The Dark Side (realm of Kek and Keket)
      • Coolness (realm of Nun and Naunet)
  • Jormundgandr (planar pathway)
  • Muspelheim (realm of Surtr)
    • Forges of Surtr (site)
    • Lake of Lead (site)
    • Njarlok (realm town)
    • Serpent’s Spine (mountain range)
    • Spire of Surtr (hall of Surtr)
    • Valley of Golden Mist (site)
  • Seelie Court (wandering realm)
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)

Powers of Muspelheim

  • The Ogodad (Egyptian primordials)
    • Amaunet and Amon (Egyptian powers of obscurity)
    • Heh and Hehet (Egyptian powers of infinity)
    • Kek and Keket (Egyptian powers of darkness)
    • Nun and Naunet (Egyptian powers of primal waters)
  • Surtr (Jötunn power of fire giants)

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt and Alex Roberts

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