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Acheron — Layer the Second

The Flotsam Yards of Thuldanin, the Strife of Toil

Themes of the Layer: The personification of loss, petrification, rust, deterioration of valued objects, the spoiling plane

Thuldanin is the scrapyard of Acheron, where the very air hums with the echoes of past battles and the clatter of machinery long since fallen silent. It’s like stepping into a giant’s workshop gone horribly awry, where colossal cubes of junk float in darkened skies, each one a treasure trove of discarded war relics and broken dreams.

Imagine hollowed-out cubes, their surfaces scarred with pits that lead down into a maze of twisted metal and shattered dreams. Here, you’ll find the remnants of great ships, toppled siege towers, and contraptions so bizarre that graybeards would scratch their heads in confusion. It’s the graveyard of invention, where every gadget tells a story of ambition and folly.

But beware, for Thuldanin is a place where even time itself seems to stand still. The very essence of the plane petrifies everything it touches, turning once mighty machines into statues of ironlike stone. It’s a fate that awaits all who linger too long amidst the wreckage, their bodies frozen in time for eternity.

Yet amidst the desolation, there are those who dare to brave the Flotsam Yards in search of treasure. They are the scavengers and opportunists, risking life and limb to uncover the secrets hidden within the rubble. For perhaps, buried beneath the debris, lie weapons of unimaginable power and contraptions of wondrous ingenuity, waiting to be unearthed by those bold enough to seek them out.

It’s not just the physical dangers that lurk within Thuldanin’s depths. The very landscape itself is a labyrinth of peril, where rust monsters and other hazards lie in wait for the unwary. And then there are the duergar, the only inhabitants brave, or foolhardy, enough to call this place home. With their god Laduguer watching over them, they navigate the treacherous tunnels in search of whatever scraps of value they can find.

If you ever find yourself drawn to the Flotsam Yards of Thuldanin, tread carefully, cutter.

Locations of Thuldanin

  • Gargoyle’s Junkyard (site)
  • Mines of Marsellin (site)
  • Hammergrim (realm of Laduguer)
    • Coldember (realm town)
    • Deathknell (realm town)
    • Forgegloom (realm town)
      • Court of Memory (site)
    • Haunted Hills, The (site)
    • Hopeglimmer (realm town)
    • Laduguer’s Throne (site)
    • Mountains of Despair (site)

Powers of Thuldanin

  • Laduguer (dwarven power of oppression and magic), patron of duergar

Cutters of Thuldanin

  • 8 — rogue modron
  • Coirosis a rust dragon
  • Manguer — High Chieftain of the Duergar; dead
  • Patynara a rust dragon
  • Rathgar the Great — duergar; dead
  • Rathgar the Lesser — High Chieftain of the Duergar, proxy of Laduguer

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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