Zeines Pauch
Zeines Pauch

Zeines Pauch

Zeines Pauch

(Planar githzerai thief [he/him] / Fated / N)

The Office of Tonat Shar
All Harmonium Duty Officers
All duty officers are to become familiar with Zeines Pauch as he relates to the recent Cadre actions against the city of Sigil. This individual is a known assassin and is believed to be armed with magical weapons, poisons, and other nefarious items. Please read INTELLIGENCE FILE: 18888-00055 (attached) for more details.
Tonat Shar

Zeines Pauch <aka the Reaver, Yanci Nova, Levin Gulhaus >
Faction Affiliation:
Fated, (Namer)
Independent culler for SIGIS, hired thug and assasssin.
Known whereabouts:
SIGIS <INTELLIGENCE FILE: 19996-0005> main offices, various bars and flophouses about Sigil
Physical Description:
Average height <githzerai>, reddish brown hair, white beard (possibly dyed or fake), average build <githzerai>, green eye <See Artist’s Rendition Attachment AR18888-00055>
Current Un-prosecuted Warrant Status:
Failure to relinquish Harmonium Property (4 counts), Distributing Sensitive Information (20 counts), Obstruction of Investigation (5 counts), Harboring a known felon (2 counts), Collaboration with a known felon (4 counts) <See Warrant Status Attachment WS18888-00055>
Current Prosecuted Warrant Status:
Failure to reliquish Harmonium Property (NG–20 counts), Distributing Sensitive Information (NG–200 counts), Harboring a known felon (NG– 20 counts), Collaboration with a known felon (NG– 20 counts), Attempted Murder (NG–1 count), Failure to comply with a Lawful Directive (G –1 count), <See Prosecution Status Attachment PS18888-00055>
Criminal Record:
Convicted of Failure to comply with a Lawful Directive (Two years Prison: Deferred) <See Conviction Report CR18888-00055>
Current Surveillance Status:
A1, Contact: Measure Four Urun Bon
Known Associates:
Havrm Ghex <PERSONNEL REPORT: NOT AVAILABLE>, Christopher Verdue <PERSONNEL REPORT: 1000-9924>, Marchosias Chou (SIGIS publisher) <INTELLIGENCE FILE: 18888-01121>, Felicity K. Gwar – SIGIS culler <18888-02234>, “Bundo” — Red Cell Anarchist <INTELLIGENCE FILE:18888-00023>, The Unnamed <INTELLIGENCE FILE: NOT AVAILABLE>
Pauch was adopted by his uncle, T’eech M’dut <INTELLIGENCE FILE:18888-01111>, at age three. Parents <Unknown> are believed to be deceased, possibly in one of the minor wars with the githyanki about the time of his adoption. At age 8, uncle’s assets seized by Fated collectors for tax fraud and evasion <see CASE REPORT IV-1222>, and M’dut commits suicide <see CASE REPORT V-9966>. Pauch left with friend of the family in the Hive Ward, Thurn Baz <INTELLIGENCE FILE:18888-11595>. No clear data on Pauch’s life for 5 years, until he is targeted in an investigation concerning criminal activity in the Hive. Pauch was leader of a gang of children who acted as touts, informants, and thieves in and about Sigil. Organization lacked cohesive leadership and was crushed by the Unnamed <INTELLIGENCE FILE: NOT AVAILABLE>, in a crime war which lasted for several weeks <see Incident reports: NOT AVAILABLE>. Pauch was believed to have escaped Sigil with two partners, a bariaur: Thegur Thonlot <INTELLIGENCE FILE:18888-11558> and a prime human: Hether Max <INTELLIGENCE FILE:18888-11477>
Pauch was next seen in Sigil 10 years later, working for the Sigil-Outlands Trading Company <INTELLIGENCE FILE: 19996-111112>, a conglomerate of merchants and companies in Sigil and on the Outlands. He was believed to be an enforcer and high up in this organization. Pauch left the S-O, five years ago, presumably disenfranchised with the organization and trade in general, though the merchant-lord Estavan from the rival Planar Trade Consortium may have garnished heavily Pauch to leave. He has been working as an independent culler for SIGIS, and other periodicals since that time.
Recently, Pauch has been involved in a running series of stories on the Anarchist’s cell the Cadre <INTELLIGENCE FILE: 23555-9955>. Pauch’s inside information both into the cell and into investigative operations by the Harmonium have led to stepped up surveillance of his activities. <See SURVEILLANCE REPORT: SR18888-00055>. Pauch still maintains relations with his old higher ups at the Sigil-Outlands trading company, as well as, curiously, with Zadara <INTELLIGENCE FILE: NOT AVAILABLE> and contacts with other trader conglomerates in Sigil and the Outlands.
Though he is a known assassin, there are no open investigations concerning these actions. Current un-prosecuted warrants are open but on hold, as the investigation continues.

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Source: Ragboy (Paul Wolfe)

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