M’lora the Nostalgic
M’lora the Nostalgic

M’lora the Nostalgic

M’lora the Nostalgic

Prime grell [she/her] / Mind’s Eye / Neutral

M’Lora’s wigwam stands near the edge of the Great Bazaar, away from the cat-calls of the merchants and drone of the crowds. Its entrance slit is usually slightly ajar, and the pungent scents of foreign planes waft out. A couple of burly tieflings stand guard, keeping M’Lora’s clients outside the tent in a queue (perhaps to make her services look more popular to passing bodies).

The tieflings’ll even warn Clueless sods not to be afraid of M’Lora, because as they say: “she ain’t your normal-looking type, berk.” In fact, she’s a grell. To the uninformed, grell are domineering colonial creatures that look like nothing so much as disembodied levitating brains with sharp beaks and tentacles. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re shocked by the sight at first; it surprises most bloods.

M’Lora might not look like an average fortune teller, and indeed the fortunes she tell’s are far from average too. See, she doesn’t deal with telling a cutter their past or future. That’s too simple for her, and too transient. As a former ardent Believer of the Source, M’Lora uses her prophetic talents to delve into past or future *lives* of the client. In this way she can give the inquirer insight into their origins and destiny on a much longer time-scale than that offered by most other soothsayers.

Why would a blood want to know what he did in his previous life, or indeed, what’s in store in the next? If you’re asking that, berk, you don’t see the picture like the Seekers see it.

If you understand your past life (regression, they call it) then you know why you are where you are. M’Lora can delve into the lost memories of petitioners, uncover darks that past selves knew, and even unlock psychic talents and magical potential in mortals. How? The secret’s within each of her clients. She claims, in her chirping, whistling voice, that a cutter follows a life line that encounters the same themes time and time again. Apparently if you’re on an ancient quest now then it’s more than likely that in a previous life you followed a similar path. The experiences you’ve lived, memories you had and powers you learned are usually stored subconsciously, or lost to the present mind. M’Lora can find them.

What of future lives? Well, most bloods have a long-term vision. It’s useful to know where you’re headed: eternity-long torture in Baator, or a cushy number as an elf or Arborea? It puts a body’s mind at rest. If the client doesn’t like the look of her destiny, then M’Lora says it’s not too late to change things. Many’s the cutter who’s turned over a new leaf after glimpsing her next life.

Fee: 5 silvers to 10 gold, depending upon the difficulty of the task. Petitioners’ memories are the most expensive to dredge, as are latent psionic powers.

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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