The Watcher of the Waters. LG planar astral deva (he/him).

Arelsis, astral deva protector of the Silver Sea.

Arelsis is an astral deva guardian who keeps an unblinking eye on Lunia’s shores. With his piercing astral gaze, he stands as a protector of the layer, tasked with a solemn duty on unsleeping watchfulness. By using powerful divination magics and a network of spyglass archons, Arelsis is highly skilled in the art of sniffing out intruders who dare to breach Lunia’s sanctified shores. His task ain’t just about stopping these interlopers though, he’s got a knack for nabbing them, spiriting them back to his citadel and unravelling their tales, drawing out secrets and stories as if he were unpicking threads in a shadowy tapestry. If you think that sounds like a euphemism for torture, then maybe it is. His methods are unknown, but highly effective.

Now, about that island, chant goes that recently a meteorite, a chunk of burning rock from parts unknown, crashed down upon it, cursing the citadel. But why would a meteor be cursed? Well, that’s the enigma that’s got graybeards scratching their heads.

Whispers of ancient cosmic battles or unfathomable pacts made by powers beyond our ken. The meteorite’s tale remains a mystery, a puzzle even Arelsis can’t fully piece together alone – and chant goes since the strike, he’s been avoiding his island and his duties.

Canonical Sources:

Tales of the Outer Planes (1e) p48-54 (‘An Element of Chaos’, an adventure exploring the immediate after-effects of the meteorite)

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