Why are you a Xaositect?
Why are you a Xaositect?

Why are you a Xaositect?

Why are you a Xaositect?

Philosophy by Numbers: Xaositects

Some of the more Intelligible Responses Obtained when Factioneers were asked: “Why are you a Xaositect?”

“Xaositects? Nope, none here. This symbol? Oh, that’s nothing really.

“Oh, don’t be such a berk. I’m just joking. Honest. Flob.

“Now look, I may be a Chaosman, but that don’t mean I always have to speak scrambled or anything like that. Chaos means living in… er… harmony with what already exists. The multiverse exists in complete chaos, all the time, everywhere. Why are primes so dense? Why can’t mathematicians figure out equations for anything, without making exceptions? If the rule of threes is true, why are there five major divisions of the multiverse?

“You mean you don’t count the Astral and Ethereal? Look, you can’t derive order from anything. You always have to make “exceptions to the rule.” Eventually you get to the point where all you have left are exceptions. Ha! No exceptions here. Include the whole multiverse in your philosophy next time, eh?

“The point isn’t that we should act disorderly. Or orderly. It’s all the beauty of chaos. See? I mean, I haven’t even scrambled one sentence yet. The Hardheads say they’re after “harmony” but they’re into imposing their own harmony. We live with what exists.

“Perhaps when you achieve harmony with chaos, you’ll be drawn into the planes like a petitioner. Maybe that’s the point when you become a power and get to impose your own ideas. Who knows? Us Xaositects? Fat bloody chance. We’re going to find out, though.

“We’re waiting.”

“I don’t like law. What’s the point of it? I want to do whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want. All them berks that rattle their bone-boxes ’bout the way things work still haven’t gotten any proper answers worth bothering with. That’s ’cause there are none! The multiverse don’t make sense ’cause it ain’t ‘sposed to. That’s the secret to it all and that’s the way things’re ‘sposed to be. The sooner everyone realises that, the happier everyone’ll be. That’s why you should join the Xaositects. We don’t waste our time with that sort of stuff – we’d rather enjoy things the way they are.”

Chaos Theory #1 – Predictability In A Given Situation

[Voilà! notes: Hatcher is a one-time member of the Xaoticians sect who chucked in the mathematics and joined in with the Xaosmen themselves…]

“Because the multiverse is based on variables (according to most mathematical Xaoticians) and these variables fluctuate greatly in any given situation then therefor the results will drastically change from situation to situation.

“Now in accordance to this Xaositects embody this philosophy, so therefore they are unpredictable to the extreme. Even their unpredictability is unpredictable. In other words sometimes they act in a manner that you’d expect (being unpredictable because you expected a Xaositect to act unexpectedly). Then sometimes they act in a manner you wouldn’t expect (still being unpredictable because you expected them to act expectedly.)

“If this is confusing to you, then good because that’s what Chaos Theory is: Confusing. If you’ve ever taken a modron lecture on Logic and really understood it then you’re a better blood than I am. You see, as things go, most bashers think in that happy little multiverse we call reality, where certain things happen as they should (i.e. falling when we jump out of a tree) but then sometimes the rules change (i.e. a berk lives when he’s hit head on by a falling slaad). This is what you’ve got to keep in mind. How about this… Xaosmen display a high probability to to highly improbable things… In this way one can predict in general that any given action will be very hard to predict.

“Chaos is not about knowing what will happen, but rather what could possibly happen…”

Source: Skypti, Hatcher Rhanyr and rOB stIlEs

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