Words, Words, Words
Words, Words, Words

Words, Words, Words

Warden Zeth explains the Bleakers’ recent dismissal of language as “meaningless and futile”.

“…Hey Palthus you’re gonna get nicked if you don’t just calm down. Where was I? Oh yes…Words…You know we use words to pretend that we understand, and by pretending that we have understanding we create the delusion of control…Words may be powerful, but they don’t have any inherent meanings, they just are.

“Take Palthus here, he thinks that being a good consumer means full mental heal…I warned you…Anyway…Nothing has inherent meanings…We just link things together taking one property of one object and cross referencing it with another and using names to pretend we have power over it all…Some people get these strings all snarled up in ugly tangled knots….Sure they’re barmy…We all are…But we just try to ease the pain a little…

“Face it berks, there is no reason why…Things just are because we spit the words out that way.”

Source: Randir

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