Stoic, Epicurean and Cynical Justice
Stoic, Epicurean and Cynical Justice

Stoic, Epicurean and Cynical Justice

Stoic, Epicurean and Cynical Justice

Movers and Shakers: the Mercykillers

A Tout who’ll Remain Anonymous Speaks

Voilà’s garnished me to explain to you cutters how the Mercykillers see Justice as constituting a “theory of the multiverse”. I must admit, it’s not readily apparent. When you’ve lived in fear of the sods for as long as I have, though, you tumble to a few darks. The question’s best answered by looking at some of the recent trends in philosophy inside the faction…

For starters, justice is not defined, and shouldn’t be in all honesty. At least, not by me, and not today. That’s why examples are a much better idea — and we don’t have to fall out about what’s just and what’s not, either. First, let’s take the Stoic movement.

Oh, and I ain’t naming any names, either. Voilà’s not paid me nearly enough jink for that…

Stoic Justice

Well, Stoicism is one of those wonderful things that professes everything happens for a rational reason, and that reason is a good thing. Hence, Justice in a Stoic multiverse really is a fundamental truth. Stuff happens for a reason, and that reason is Justice.

So what does a Stoic Mercykiller think about, say, magic? Well, magic is irrational at best…It defies reason and so is unjust. In fact, the Stoics are pushing for practice of magic to be outlawed. They cite the fact that it’s gradually neutralised as one moves closer to the Spire (the alleged ‘Centre of the Multiverse’), and that it’s a perversion that should be stamped out of Sigil. Are they likely to get this made law? Do slaad and modrons get on? I don’t think wizards need to get all bothered about that, at least, not until Phlegethos freezes over.

What might a Mercykiller Stoic think about emotions? Emotions are also irrational…Somewhere between rhyme and reason, and so are not utterly just. Purging the emotions is an important facet of stoicism, and that’s why you see so many Mercykillers who look happy as a gehreleth’s bride on the streets these days.

Epicurean Justice

It all started out so strangely: Lucretius (the visionary who most hold personally responsible for the Epicurean philosophy) was himself a Doomguard. Allegedly his favourite pastime was standing on the cliffs and watching people drown as their ships sank, thinking: “Ha ha…They’re angry and I’m not…Life is transitory”!

The Epicureans believe the multiverse has a constant downward motion and the only existence that is real is material, so they make good Doomguard. Still, the philosophy’s popular enough that it’s leeched into the other factions, in particular the Mercykillers (maybe their bleak outlook on life ain’t so far from the Sinkers after all).

For an Epicurean justice has to have some physical element. They say there should be an organ in every creature’s body that governs the Judicial aspect. Epicurean Mercykillers want to figure what these are, how they’re arranged, and which organs you have to remove to restore a criminal to his ‘natural’ law-abiding state. They’re rather keen on capital punishment, these bashers.

The leading ‘light’, as it were, in the Epicureans is Dwindle (prime drow [she/her] / Mercykillers / LE), as cold-blooded a blood as ever there was. She left her Prime Material home (a large drow city called Menzoberranzan) in disgust at the chaotic intrigues and debauchery of the ruling Houses. She’s now very much in love with the laws of the Cage – a fact that’s obvious to those unlucky prisoners under her jurisdiction.

Cynical Justice

Lastly (but by no means leastly), the Cynics. Now, these cutters are the real glooming news: Above the Law itself (or so they say) and not afraid to show it. These Mercykillers believe that to the only ‘just’ way to behave is like animals. After all, what can be more ‘natural’ than animals, right?

The Cynical members of the Red Death enforce a pack mentality, where justice is the direct result of animal instincts…Anything else would be unjust. Just think about it: Not beating up the weaker members of the species and not having sex with anyone you choose would be unjust!

Cynic Mercykillers… Got to love them… 

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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