Tanar’ri, Lesser – Drakenbh’org
Tanar’ri, Lesser – Drakenbh’org

Tanar’ri, Lesser – Drakenbh’org

Drakenbh’org Tanar’ri

CLIMATE/TERRAIN:Abyss—Morgonaugh (Layer 613)
ALIGNMENT:Chaotic Evil
MOVEMENT:9, Fly 18
HIT DICE:9 + 9
DAMAGE/ATTACK:1d3 (x6), 1d8 (x2), 1d10
SPECIAL ATTACKS:Constriction, breath
SPECIAL DEFENCES:+1 or better weapon to hit
SIZE:L (14′ long)
MORALE:Champion (15-16)
XP VALUE:12,000
AD&D 2e statistics

The drakenbh’org are an horrible breed of tanar’ri inhabiting almost exclusively the 613th layer of the AbyssMorgonaugh. These are often called “snake-devils”, “dragon-devils” or “blood-worms”. They have the same posture as the marilith; basically a humanoid torso sitting on a snake-like tail. The torso itself is elongated and flexible, and the fiend his almost always bending over, when its standing at all. Halfway to the front of the tail, it begin sproutings pairs of tiny clawed arms, up to the torso. The last pair is situated on the breast, between the pair of fully grown arms and claws. Even with all those limbs, it slithers like a snake while on land. It also sprouts membranous wings from its back. Its head, atop a long neck, which looks like an hideous cross between a snake, a dragon and a man, is always twisted in a grotesque smile, revealing razor-sharp fangs. Some have a mane of writhing snake-like things, but others are bald, sporting only great twisted horns. The tip of their tails are split into four, acting as human hands.

COMBAT: As one might have guessed from the description above, the drakenbh’org is a terrible foe in physical combat. When in battle, it stands higher than usual so it can attack with six of its tiny claws, each of which doing 1d3 of damage. Also it attack with its primary arms, each doing 1d8 of damage. Its bite is its most fearsome weapon, doing 1d10 hit points of damage. Its tail is stronger than that of a marilith, doing 5-30 point of damage per round of constriction and sods of under 16 of strength cannot break free of the deadly coils. There is a 10% chance per round, per point of strength over 15, that the victim can escape.

The breath of a drakenbh’org is foul and poisonous, and a creature that is in striking range has to make a saving throw versus poison or die (once only per encounter). The fiend as also access, in addition to the regular powers of tanar’ri, to the following powers: cause serious wounds (at will), invisibility (at will), spider climb (always in effect) and chaos (three times/day).

HABITAT/SOCIETY: Drakenbh’org are solitary by nature, and are reluctant to be with with other of their kinds. Only when doing some task for their dark master are they encountered in groups of one to four. Drakenbh’org are to Blackdraken as Yochlol are to Lolth. They are his servants, but not as loyal, and they largely come and go as they will. Blackdraken isn’t interested in the Blood War but, then again, he might let his drakenbh’org minions fight under another commander’s control. Sometimes drakenbh’org carry Blackdraken’s will outside of the layer, otherwise they are very rarely encountered elsewhere in the Abyss or Lower Planes.

ECOLOGY: It’s common belief that Horlas Blackdraken has first created the drakenbh’org and that he is the only one that knows how to create them. But it’s false. The dark is that when he came to the layer they were already there, along with the whatever it is that hides under the layer of Morgonaugh. Blackdraken just intimidated these foul fiends in obeying him. The dark is he doesn’t know at all how to create them and he may run out of servants when they’re all dead, as no new drakenbh’org have appeared in a very long time…

Source: Martin Bourassa

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