Trezik, Hsarlani
Trezik, Hsarlani

Trezik, Hsarlani

Hsarlani Trezik

DIET:Thaumovore (see below)
INTELLIGENCE:High to Genius (14-17)
ALIGNMENT:Lawful (Good)
NO. APPEARING:1 (or 4d4)
HIT DICE:6 + 8 (12 + 8)
THAC0:14 (10)
NO. OF ATTACKS:1 or by weapon
DAMAGE/ATTACK:1-6 (+5) or by weapon
SIZE:L (7′ tall)
MORALE:Elite (14)
XP VALUE:3,000 (6,000)
AD&D 2e statistics

Trezik are vaguely humanoid, with a long, slender reptilian snout and heavily muscled hind legs. Most often their scales are shades of blue and green, but occasionally they are grey or a charcoal black. Their hands do have opposable thumbs, but the thumb is on the opposite side of the hand in comparison to most creatures. Trezik often wear loose robes or long tunics in neutral shades, with ten bands of colour along the hem. They always look strangely at peace, relaxed, and unthreatening.

COMBAT: In combat, trezik vary. The warriors (hsarlani) are exceptionally deft and strong, striking with a +5 damage factor (from strength). If they forgo all other attacks, they may also make a kick attack with a heavily-clawed hind foot, for 2d6 points of damage, save vs paralysation or be knocked back 30 feet. Hsarlani also tend to specialise in their chosen weapon, and may even be weapon masters. Normal trezik also have this special kick attack, but do it with a -4 to their THAC0. All trezik cast spells as 6th-level mages, and have the following spell-like powers available to them: command (3 times per day), detect magic (at will), improved invisibility (once per day), charm monster (once per day). Trezik are also completely unaffected by insanity-inducing spells, due to their origins as magical constructs, and their extremely ordered minds.

HABITAT/SOCIETY: The chant goes that trezik are magical constructs created by dragons to do their work in the outside world or on the planes (where most dragons hate to go). Having learnt how to replicate themselves, however, they deserted the Prime dragons and came to live on the Outer Planes. Trezik—while they can exist as individuals—prefer to have someone else in control, and often work in the service of wealthy or draconic patrons, even as proxies or messengers of draconic gods.

They prefer to be paid in magical items, but dragons have never been seen to pay for trezik services; it is unknown what they give in exchange. Draconic patrons always seem strangely protective of their servants as well; anyone disturbing the business of a trezik may find himself explaining his reasons to an ancient red wyrm!

ECOLOGY: Trezik have no place in any natural ecology; they are completely artificial constructs. It’s said that if eleven or more trezik gather together, they can enact a ritual that will bring any trezik spirit back to its original body (or create it a new body if the first one was utterly destroyed). The “reborn” trezik has no memories of its past life, but regains its skills alarmingly quickly. Trezik are effectively immortal (they do not age), but if kept in an enclosed or low-magic environment will starve to death after a couple weeks, since they unconsciously feed on ambient magical energy.

In fact, no wild surges will take place within 100′ of a trezik, since the energy is absorbed by the creature. Occasionally, groups of trezik will band together. These clans will often revert to their former status, living and working as serfs for a dragon, whom they consider to be their god. They also consider their work “holy and right”, and are dutiful to the point of death.

[Editor’s note: Recently, a few trezik have been seen wearing the emblem of the Harmonium. Think about the words “prefer to have someone else in control” for a minute… ]

Source: Skypti

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