Be it Everso Humble…
Be it Everso Humble…

Be it Everso Humble…

The Outer Planes are steeped in millennia of philosophy, each representing a broad spectrum of thought, ethics and personalities. Just as layers narrow down that spectrum to more understandable swathes of belief, the burgs of the planes pin down ideas with a full stop. Often, their names reflect, or at least hint at, the character of the town. See, unlike prime towns which have ‘character’ (usually quaint architecture or seamy sides) the burgs of the planes have character…sometimes it seems they think, brood, plot or celebrate with their inhabitants. Yes, they really are creatures of philosophy.

You’ll probably have heard of a few on your travels. With my mimir, I hope to create a small atlas of the planes, with a little more dark on each burg than you’d hear from those common street touts. It’ll be an essential accessory to any expedition Out of Town. ‘Course, I can’t do it all on my own, so you’ll have to promise that if you visit a burg I don’t have listed here, or learn a little bit more chant on one that I do, you’ll let me know as soon as you get back to the Cage.

Spire’s waiting bloods,


Mimir, just show me burgs on: Any Plane | Abyss | Acheron | Arborea | Arcadia | Baator | Beastlands | Bytopia | Carceri | Elysium | Gehenna | Gray Waste | Limbo | Mechanus | Mount Celestia | Outlands | Pandemonium | Ysgard | Astral | Ethereal

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