Mimir Bar
I am the Scholar Mimir

The Chant I have for You

My Thesis is This:

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Fellow Intellectual,

May I proffer my services as the Scholarly Mimir, a genteel and educated blood wise in the ways of words, ponderer of philosophical conundra, cogitator of sectarian manifestos, and archiver of historical milestones.

Unlike the information recorded in less well-informed mimirs, I am not riddled with ill-considered chant from knights of the post and cross traders. My contributors have included some of the great thinkers of our times. I am certain you will find their stories most enlightening.

To whit, here are the topics upon which I offer informative and intelligent articles...

Scientia Est Potentia: Essays

Knowledge is power, cutter, and there's few better ways get your knowledge than from the mouths of sages and philosophers who spend all of their time espousing it, is there? I've recorded some of the more pertinent essays that I've happened across; speeches on the nature of thought, the stuff of which the planes is made, and the like. If you like to think, you'll enjoy 'em I think.

Faction Philosophy

Care for a little factional discourse? I hold the dark on all of Sigil's Factions, from their basic principles through to more complex discussions of fractional beliefs.

Sectarian Concepts

Through me you have access to the most recent musings on the multitude of Sects of the planes, their stories, details on their membership and the current intrigues raging out of town.Scholar Mimir

Musée Arcane - Planar History

Magnum Opus, the medusa historian of Sigil's infamous Musée Arcane, has seen fit to allow me to relay some of the fascinating articles and exhibits from her museum of planar archaeology. I cannot do her parthenon full justice, but you will at least garner an idea of what to expect in her halls.

Morals and Ethics

I have secreted an essay penned by Julius the Contradictory concerning the myriad nature of petitioners on the Outer Planes. Those curious about their motives or peculiarities would do well to read and inwardly digest.

Language and Cant

Explore the unique tongues of the Outer Planes through the Dictionary of Planar Cant, a tome which has been painstakingly recorded in my memory. Diplomats and those who deal with wizards or fiends would be advised to read a second essay, Parlez-Vous Mephit?, which explains the complex Lower Planar Mephit Code, a mysterious language used by rivals in those parts.
Mimir Bar