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Where Do You Want To Go Today, Berk?

Get Wise to the Planes

Spire's Ward, Planewalker,

So you're interested in learning more about the Great Infinities, the Planes? You're asking exactly the right blood, my friend. I've bobbed alongside some of the great Planewalkers on their travels, been hipped (and escaped from) the deepest layers of the most inhospitable planes (where'd you think I got the scratches) and seen some really infinite landscapes on my travels.

And, more the better for you, I'll share the sights and sounds I've experienced with you. All you have to do is ask...

Dust: The Crumbling

The sturdy and reliable Earth crumbles and gives way before the enervation of the Negative. Dust and Sand. Silt and Grit. Glorious fragments of the most solid stuff.

Ash: The Death of the Fires

The Last Gasp of Fire before it succumbs to the numbing cold of eternal death. Welcome to Ash. Wrap up warm.

Monstrous Compendium

It wouldn't do to go on a jaunt without knowing something about the locals first, and I can lann you on monsters and creatures from all across the multiverse. Dozens of creatures from your dreams or nighmares, cutter. Races of creatures you might meet, or even be!

Mechanus: Plane of Law

Wander with me, if you will, across Mechanus' infinite expanse of cogs and gears, and discover how a machine really lives and breathes. The smell of oil in your face and the sound of grinding metal in your ears is only just the start of it -- on this plane of ever-precise movement you've got to watch your step or end up as next week's Example of How Not to Behave...

Planar Pathways

Better than Sigil's portals, say some, because they're always open and never need keys! I'll leave you to decide that for yourself, cutter, but you'll find I have the largest collection of chant on the Planar Pathways this side of anywhere. Yggdrasil, Mount Olympus, the Styx, Oceanus, the Infinite Staircase and well over a dozen more paths besides, all for the price of the asking.

The Outlands: Plane of Concordant Opposition

Collected from dozens of cutters of all shapes and sizes, my chant on the Outlands is second to none. Whether you're interested in learning the chant on the Spire, venturing into the Hinterlands, planning a trip to Itharin, the secret gatetown of the plane, are seeking stories, or just want to learn more about psionics, just ask me and I shall tell you all I know...

Mapping InfinityExplorer Mimir

An impossible mission, I hear you cry? Not if you're a real blood, it ain't. Many an explorer-cum-cartographer has shared their secrets with me, and I've got tales of great voyages, theories on Why The Planes Are Like They Are, diagrams of how things fit together, and conspiracies of who's really pulling the strings that make things go around. All you have to do is ask.

Brix's Guide to the Cage

Brix is an earth mephit who occasionally borrows me from Voila! He's got this fixation with Sigil, see, and it's his aim to record a complete visitor's guide to the barmy burg. Ask me about Sigil and I'll spin the chant on dozens of sites and sounds you'll encounter if you venture round the Little Ring long enough.

Planar Races

Broaden your mind by playing a character more scaly than a tiefling, more hairy than a bariaur, more chaotic than a githzerai or more liable to turn to stone than any of the above! Meet the new player character races for the Outer and Inner Planes!

The Cubic Gates


Heard of one of these, basher? They're like little portals you can carry with you, cubes with each face keyed to a particular plane. Well, I've got a handful of 'em, and I'll tell you all about any plane you might wish to visit, and plenty more you'd be barmy to go to!

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